Monday, August 30, 2010

Exits are to the front and rear of the Lodge...

Good Monday to you all!

I'm afraid that my regularly scheduled blog post won't be a diatribe from my own gullet today - rather I am turning it over to the Art of Manliness, who do a much better job than me by far.

This afternoon "Dad" Berry and myself will be heading to the Mt. Laurel Resort, located in White Haven, PA, to scout out a possible Convention site for next year. We're both very excited about this property and I hope to have the final determination on what site we're choosing by tomorrow.

This means that I have to make a hasty exit from the blog so that I can hit the road. While trying to come up with an idea to entertain you for the day, I came across this article called How to Exit a Room Like a Man over at the Art of Manliness website. One of the biggest challenges of being a DeMolay is learning how to deal with the adults around you.

We all know "Dad" Joe Mason - that guy that always wants to talk about DeMolay back in his day. He likes to talk, alot, and there is never a good way to keep him quiet and sneak off. Well, this article teaches you some good tricks on how to escape "Dad" Mason and gives you some life lessons to boot. So check it out!

Alright everyone - I'm off to the Poconos!

Frat!~"Dad" Seth Anthony

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