Saturday, August 14, 2010

Reports from the Inquisition - 1990

During the early years of Key Man, it was "traditional" to bring a news crew to the Chapter to record and prepare the Knightly News broadcast. Part of the broadcast would include a feature story. Some of these stories were ridiculous:

Some of these would be Motivational:

And some would do just about anything for a laugh:

But in 1990, the News Crew did an amazing job when they created the REPORTS FROM THE INQUISITION series. What follows are 5 "authorized" reports from the Inquisition, and one totally unauthorized, but totally hilarious 6th Report from the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Report from Inquisition #1 Jacques DeMolay

Report from Inquisition #2 Junior Inquisitor

Report from Inquisition #3 Guy of Auvergne

Report from Inquisition #4 Lord Constable

Report from Inquisition #5 Phillip the Fair

Report from Inquisition #6 Quasimodo

I am enjoying this look back at previous Key Man Conferences, and will continue to bring you some of the more memorable moments. I hope you are enjoying it, too!

'Dad Tom Labagh, Executive Officer in PA

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  1. Thanks for keeping this link of "Dad" Ashman online. He was a true DeMolay friend. Whenever I have a bad day or the need to re-connect with an old comrade I stop by and view it.

    - Rich Auerbach, Past Keyman Director (sometime in the 90's)