Friday, August 13, 2010

Key Man: Day 6 - What Do They Do At Key Man?

We know that some of you still haven't quite figured out what the Key Man Conference is all about, but if you read the blog, and watch for the news stories on you'll get a better idea.

Sports in the afternoon is a big thing at Key Man, but the competitions are somewhat different. We stay away from the "big three"-- softball, basketball and volleyball, and play kickball, ultimate frisbee and dodgeball-- sports that just about everyone can play well! Toss in some crazy outdoor activities, like a slip and slide, and you have a perfect recipe for fun!

... and here is how we talked about sports way back in 1988! (With a special dedication to "Dad" Randy Knapp!)

Key Man wraps up tomorrow morning, so keep an eye out for material in the coming weeks!

Frat!~"Dad" Seth Anthony

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