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Monday, July 28, 2014

A Little Help with the Flower Talk

As we prepare for Key Man University, I'm reminded that one of the biggest accomplishments made by DeMolays at the program is the memorization of a new piece of ritual. I went digging through my files and found a copy of the memorization aid for the Flower Talk, one of DeMolay's most beautiful ceremonies. If your Chapter doesn't have someone who knows this Ceremony, now is the time to encourage a Brother to learn it - with the help of this memorization aid!

Flower Talk Memorization Aid

Mb, yhjbp ttuy tnoootw mhkf. Nycs “IaaD.”  Tbd wotp oeitc otgaoy bhaa whdt ttioJD, doc ttfoyp wgyd ithtom.  TbaaaDi, t, ahow aym mbjp.

Ibrior, yhbi itscv otgO.  Whyhbdi wtltt. Tinbf owtbycafl ttpotv. TOoD tmbl, bnimi thatrfw, amefm. Iif, t, tyhbcu tsabtA iafmose utvwhbgfp atjatCoY—FL.

Fmpn, tAidtom wlnf. Ymrtp ogiic, popl, bycnrth oymshfy. Ymsitld oiad bnbtrohl. Tmoiwasyh. Tinm seb, scv, sul thdnhihh assaa ftmohml.

WItdyapold, iwnbto
Asa / Waftifog, / Batat-wm / Wagatf.

Iwym wlybywb—wcyflm cthh aitfot tGhih apttvos tgyl. Iwswcfy dthyoi atsldyoc.  Ayhgld, shdtc, t, t-h, haet wsomstkhtd.  Ymhata molamoc apwcg oaeoya. Yarattil wywbeioym.  Ttww dhbyth mbsaygo, bttom-l cnb.

Tbutyoyl wyhrttom, ymmws itwotp:

“Mbfyb, s, / Bbast, / Ctoaty / Ofywst. / Icnm ymas, / Bmgh hkyw. / Ygh / Bmtl wrb. /
Aaml bap, / Wamd buas / Fyyf ttb, / Tyaawsf. / Tytl cgyp / Wdnsima? / Tytl cgys /
Wdnm mpgl? / Aycdnet / Wsnm wps. / Boa tIhd, / Rmil, Os. / Ktpb faf, / Mlimt. /
Fml mnww, / Fml hnwc, / Asyg nws / Ftdn wywb.”
TfwysooA asotm-l—tw, tlotmwhg—atr, tmwsltbyl.
Fitdr ohh / Waihas / Skas. / ‘Thskip / Wfa lsoluhs. / Hhiffasp. / Alacf, eptw /
Tbtw swa, / Tltrotct.

Wweoy ttafftA. Iymhpottos, ywcawf akiasthm.  Mtsoi aqetmoh asya iyetbw ohhaafy.  Iymil, ywcarf.  Wyght, gitym. Thiior oGbgtam—hml. Thiyaas—”M, Ilaglt. Tchhmrmf hmyrmtm. Igtttsyd hmIa tsyhm atlacygm."

Sdyftf, Iknw, pihBopb ososp, asw twtnhm ttowlfy, hs, ibtc oas. Mb, eoywpt arowf ftA.

Dcanmoy ttysestl atbwoyml.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Prepare for the Department Crown

Whose department will be crowned?

This year, at the newly revamped Key Man University, your Department has an opportunity to be the crowning Department above all others. It truly is as simple as finishing your LCC’s, RD, or even showing good sportsmanship. But please, make sure you are on your best behavior because points can be taken away and you do not want to be the reason for your department not winning.

During the week we will be having interesting competitions to see who can gain the most points. Competition can range from a multitude of different activities; from having the most attendance at Jacques’ Heroes, to the Department who take the funniest picture, and much more! The point is to have fun and learn while you do!

Each night, at dinner, we will have the unveiling of which Department gained points. Imagine, being in the Grand Dining Hall of Hogwarts. 10 points to Gryffindor! Except, it is more like, 10 points to Ritual! But, please remember, don't be Slytherin, be the best Brothers you can be.

I promise, points will be giving out for outstanding brotherhood throughout the week!

Bro. Nicholas Capes
Key Man University Youth Director

Monday, July 21, 2014

Maple Speaks to AASR

While we recover from our Annual Convention, we thought we'd share this video of now Past State Master Councilor Matthew Maple speaking to the Council of Deliberation of Pennsylvania for the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. Great job, Matt!


Thursday, July 17, 2014

Meet the KMU Staff: Adjunct Faculty

When you look at the list of Departments for KMU 2014, you'll see at the bottom of the list the "Adjunct Faculty." These faculty members bring specific knowledge to the program in more specialized subjects. They will provide detailed information on topics that aren't able to form a major of their own.

"Dad" Ernie Loiselle is the Executive Officer of Ontario DeMolay. A long time supporter of the Key Man program, he has participated in more than a dozen Key Man Conferences. His knowledge of DeMolay in Canada is a welcome addition to the program, as it brings a more worldly view of the DeMolay program. The courses taught by "Dad" Loiselle will be of an individual nature, tailored to the needs of the DeMolays assigned to him. He will also assist the Departments as requested, helping Key Men reach their full potential.

"Dad" Brent Richards, a Past State Master Councilor of Pennsylvania DeMolay, is a veteran Advisor and current Assistant Director of the State Officer Program in Pennsylvania. He is also a staff member of the PA Masonic Youth Foundation's annual Life Skills Conference, that teaches the importance of respect, relationships, and responsibility. "Dad" Richards works as a Counselor at the State Correctional Institution at Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, so you can be sure he has lots of of "Life Lessons" to impart! The Life Skills courses will concentrate on putting abstract information into practice. What does it mean to respect somebody? Why is personal responsibility so important? Through hands on experiential teaching and workshops, "Dad" Richards will explore these concepts, demonstrating their value in our everyday interactions.

"Dad" Seth Anthony is a lover of all things historic and fraternal. He is a Deputy Member of DeMolay International and a Past Master Councilor of Erie Chapter. He is currently the Director of Convention for PA DeMolay and has been involved with the organization for more than a decade. An involved Freemason, he brings a wealth of knowledge about DeMolay, Freemasonry, and Fraternalism to the conference. "Dad" Anthony is also an avid board and card game player. He works part for a game company and loves to inject his workshops with games to enhance learning.  The courses he plans to teach will give members a historic overview of the DeMolay program and how its ties to Freemasonry continue to influence the organization today. Related topics will include understanding Freemasonry, what it means to be involved in the fraternity, and how the lessons of the past can be applied to the present, to make a better future for DeMolay. He will also offer a high energy course on games and learning, where participants will take an active role and have some fun playing games!

Each attendee at Key Man will have the opportunity to take classes present by the Adjunct Faculty, so figure out what you'd like to learn more about!

What is Expected of Each PA DeMolay Chapter

Each year, at the Annual Advisory Council Meeting, a review of standards and goals for the coming year takes place.  Last fall, every Advisory Council reviewed general policies, and also the following Performance Standards which every Chapter should have adopted.  These are my expectations for Pennsylvania DeMolay Chapters. but the expectation is not about me-- it is about the health and welfare of each Chapter.  Where the members and Advisors are striving to meet these goals, the Chapter is performing at a high level of excellence. They are published here as a reminder for each Chapter to re-focus its efforts and stay on track to be successful in 2014! - "Dad" Tom Labagh, Executive Officer in PA

2014 DeMolay Chapter Performance Standards

Delivering the “Promise of DeMolay” to your DeMolays requires that Advisors insist upon the following DeMolay Chapter Performance Standards:

  • Practice Risk Management and Youth Protection:  The safety of our young men is ALWAYS our first priority. 
  • Provide for Written Communication: It helps to solve most problems and makes better Chapters!  Newsletters, printed calendars, memos, etcetera, are essential   Do not rely on telephone and text messages as your only communications.
  • Teach the NEW (2013) Ritual: To instill discipline and teamwork, provide public speaking experience, build self-confidence, and help members absorb and understand the principles of DeMolay.
  • Promote the Programs of DeMolay! The LCC, RD, PMC-MSA, Obligatory Days, scholarships, and competitions make your Chapter’s experience more valuable to your DeMolays.
  • Attempt to Grow: Conduct organized membership recruitment drives—prospect parties, one-on-one visits, and make an effort to SELL to prospects and parents the VALUE of membership in DeMolay.
  • Insist on Support of the State Charity:  EVERY CHAPTER is expected to contribute to the Children’s Dyslexia Centers.  No excuses!
  • Insist on Attendance at the Key Man Conference:  Every PA Chapter IS EXPECTED to participate! No excuses! 
  • Insist on Attendance at Convention: Your Chapter MUST be represented, at least at the Saturday meeting. No excuses!
  • Involve the State Officers and the E.O. Leadership Team in your Chapter events to give your members a chance to work with some of the most knowledgeable members and advisors in the country.  Put them to work for YOU!
  • Say Thank You to our Masonic Sponsors and Grand Lodge Leadership for all the benefits provided – Patton Campus, Outstanding Chapter Awards, Membership Awards, Call-em-All, Key Man Sponsorship, Insurance Fees – and so much more!