Thursday, April 24, 2014

Get a C.L.U.E.: Part VII - The Butler

As PA DeMolay prepares for the upcoming C.L.U.E. Spring Leadership Weekend, to be held May 2-4, 2014, at Patton Campus, we thought it high time to introduce you to some of the characters that you'll meet during the weekend. This is the final character to be introduced.
David Anthony Michael Saint-John Smythe Worchester Jeeves was clearly meant for service.  He was born with a silver salver in his hand, much to his mother’s chagrin:  She was hoping for a child who would grow up to be a barrister.  Or at least a barrista.  Jeeves was educated in a fantastically mediocre English Comprehensive School in Leeds, which was subsequently sold to the lowest bidder and relocated brick by brick to a more fashionable suburb of Hoboken, New Jersey.  While at school, he was voted “Chap With Way Too Many Names For A Working Class Boy.”  He passed his GCSE’s magna cum lucky, and came to service early, accepting a situation as a footman to who he believed to be the Lord Privy Seal, but who turned out in fact to be the Lord Privy Cleaner.  The job looked good on paper, but soon his spirits plunged, and he feared his career was going down the drain. 
He was able to gain a place in the entering class of the Theological College of Saint Lowell of Emgee (LOL OMG). Upon graduation, he was dismayed to find that the school was not recognized by the Church of England, but rather by the Church of New England (CoNE), a little known splinter sect of the Anglican tradition.  So he headed for America in search of a vicarate, and arrived at the See of the CoNE, headquartered in a former ice cream parlor with heavily boarded windows in South Boston, and covered in graffiti reading “Protestants Go Home!”  He rang the bell for several hours.  No one answered.

So he began a ministry of itinerant preaching, working his way south into Pennsylvania.  He was pontificating on a street corner in Unlikely, PA one day, and was overheard by our own “Dad” Boddy.  So, struck was “Dad” Boddy with the Reverend Jeeves’s preaching that he immediately insisted on hiring him on to act as the caretaker of the Masonic Center.  And so Jeeves went from dog-collar to dogsbody, and had to content himself with service once again.  He hoped to put his ministerial training to some use, and volunteered, with “Dad” Boddy, to work with the young men of Preposterous Chapter. 

Still, contentedness eluded him.  He was continuously galled by the treatment he received from “Dad” Boddy and the rest of the Council.  These ugly Americans understood nothing of the fine tradition of service, nor of the honor of the English clergy.  To them, he was a well-dressed janitor, and their “Downton Abbey” references were about to get one of them punched up the bracket.
He had become a truly unsettled man.  But is he capable of murder?

Monday, April 21, 2014

Membership Recruitment - It's no mystery!

Many of you know that I'm always scanning the internet for great resources or ideas to bring to Pennsylvania DeMolay. Recently, on one of these searches, I came across a fantastic video produced by the State Master Councilor of Indiana DeMolay.

Bro. Sunny Atwal was on vacation, visiting family abroad, during an important workshop weekend for Indiana DeMolay. Rather than just not be there, Sunny produced a short video on his tips for membership recruitment for DeMolays. The information in the video is really presented well and I think every DeMolay (and Mason) could benefit from understanding the principles that Sunny lays out. So, on with the video!

Note: Sunny talks about some Indiana DeMolay programs in his video (such as how they administer the PMC-MSA) This varies in Pennsylvania, so be aware.

Did you learn something from Sunny? If so, leave a comment and let us know.

Frat! ~ "Dad" Seth Anthony

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Get a C.L.U.E.: Part VI - Mrs. White

As PA DeMolay prepares for the upcoming C.L.U.E. Spring Leadership Weekend, to be held May 2-4, 2014, at Patton Campus, we thought it high time to introduce you to some of the characters that you'll meet during the weekend. This series of articles will run every Thursday for the next several weeks, so make sure to check back!

Beatrice Eugenia Black was born to a family of poor maids. They were all maids. Her mother was a maid. Her father was a maid. Her brothers were maids. Her cats were maids. None of them were particularly good maids (which is why they were still poor) however, from a very young age, Beatrice learned the value of a dollar. This value followed Beatrice into her teen’s right up until she married her first husband, the son of the founder of a q-tip company, Lord Count Esquire, Jr.
The newlyweds shared a small home and seemed off to a good start. Their house may have been small but they had all the q-tips they needed. Little is known about the life of the Lord or Beatrice Esquire's first marriage ,as neither lasted very long. By her 19th birthday Beatrice buried her first husband and sold their home and q-tip mountain for a small fortune. Being the demure woman she is, she rarely discusses the Lord's death and when asked about their time shared replies “He did always keep the cleanest ears.”
It was at the late Lord's funeral that Ms. Esquire met "Fat Cat" Pat of Fat Cat Salami aka the Salami King aka the Salami Swami. The wealthy entrepreneur was a portly man of 390lbs and quite well off. So well off in fact that his palace had two real salami towers. Delicious! Days after being wed to Beatrice, Fat Cat was discovered in his study, by a servant no less, the corpse weighing in at 90lbs. No doctor could explain where all the weight went, but the huge sudden drop shocked his body and killed him. When asked for a statement upon selling his company Mrs. Cat said “Now what I am supposed to do with all the cheese and eggs?”
Little is known about the lady’s third husband, Mr. White. No one can find any record of the gentleman’s profession, his name, or date of birth. All that is known was that he was very rich because of his previous business ventures (also unknown to the public). Recalling her late husband the lady sobs “I’ll never forget sweet, kind what’s-his-name.”
Recently attention was brought to the fact that most of Mrs. White’s husbands have had untimely deaths as her latest late husband was buried without his head. She still says to this day “We may not have been able to have had an open casket but at least he was buried wearing his favorite hat.”
Mrs. White has no children however she currently resides with her eleven cats near Feline Fields, PA.

Monday, April 14, 2014

What to expect at PA DeMolay Convention 2014

Each year the Convention Staff tries to improve the program, and make it more fun and attractive to both members and Advisors (but primarily members!) Any time we plan an event, challenges appear. We have tried to address some of those issues here, so please read this section fully.

For full information on Convention, check out the Official Convention Page on the PA DeMolay website.

Optional Activities

In the past, PA DeMolay has offered optional activities on Friday afternoon at an additional cost to those attending Convention. Some took us up on these events, while others chose to arrive later in the day for various reasons. One of the pluses to planning such a large event is that we often can leverage better group discounts. This year, we are in talks with the Reading Museum and Planetarium, just a stone’s throw from the West Reading Masonic Center. We are hoping to offer the Friday optional activities at no additional charge for both members and Advisors. If this occurs, this will be an excellent value for you and your Chapter and represents a fun (and yes, educational) activity for those attending Convention. Final details are still pending, but we plan to have more information in the coming weeks.

Saturday Schedule

PA DeMolay is proud to be celebrating its 90th year, and as such, we have worked some changes into the Convention schedule, compared to previous years. The Business Session, the primary reason for holding Convention, has been moved to first thing on Saturday morning, immediately after breakfast. This will lead directly into the Honors Luncheon (although we anticipate a small about amount of break time between the session and the meal.) Following the Luncheon, we will have a presentation by a key-note speaker, after which members and Advisors will attend some constructive afternoon workshops. Beginning at 4 PM, all attendees will be asked to witness the conferral of the DeMolay Legion of Honor. This is the first time the Legion of Honor Ceremony has been conferred at Convention in nearly a dozen years, so don’t miss the chance to see it! Dinner will follow the Ceremony and the evening will be capped off with a 90th Anniversary Ball, with entertainment provided by the Diablo Sandwich Band (a live, 8 piece band, with great musical range. Check out the attached video clip for a preview.) This will be a dance to remember, to so be sure to invite your local Rainbow Assemblies and Job’s Daughter Bethels to come out and enjoy the dance as well, free of charge!

… in case you didn’t realize…

The downside to such a packed Saturday schedule, is that most of the day will be spent in jacket and tie for our members and advisors, along with a jacket and tie being required for the Ball. So, please be sure to advise active DeMolays to plan appropriately.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Get a C.L.U.E.: Part V - Mr. Green

As PA DeMolay prepares for the upcoming C.L.U.E. Spring Leadership Weekend, to be held May 2-4, 2014, at Patton Campus, we thought it high time to introduce you to some of the characters that you'll meet during the weekend. This series of articles will run every Thursday for the next several weeks, so make sure to check back!

Mr. Hunter Tuttu Grön (or Mr. Green in English) was born in Greenland and is the decedent of Gunnbjorn Ulfsson, who settled in Grönland by mistake when his ship was blown off course while sailing from Norway to Iceland.  After many years of trying to survive in this northern tundra, his family jumped the iceberg and moved to the burg of Green, also known as Greensburg, PA, for “greener” pastures and a way to claim recognition for their “infamous” name. With their extensive knowledge and history working with ice, his family thought there would be a huge market for the ice industry and started their own ice manufacturing business.
As a young teen, Mr. Green realized that his passion for all things ice was only shared with his family, so he joined a local DeMolay Chapter in an attempt to spread the word and get others excited about his ice hobbies: snow cone making, curling, figure skating, and ice sculpting.  Unfortunately and despite his efforts, his ice craze could not catch on and he was met with a lot of resistance especially from his peer, “Dad” Body. Dad Body was the leader of the local Chapter and a Charter member.  In fact, he served as Master Councilor for two years. During his reign, he appointed Mr. Green as Sentinel for all four of his terms because he didn’t want to see Mr. Green in the chapter room and thought he was best suited as the outer observer.  In fact, Mr. Green was also the butt of numerous jokes.  He was often referred to as "Seafoam Green" rather than his birth name Hunter Green.  Mr. Green was also never given the opportunity for to perform a speaking part in any of the DeMolay degrees due to his thick accent although, he lost his accent over time. He did however have excellent floor work when preforming the part of Almoner or Hughes de Peralde.

In his spare time, Mr. Green continues to be an ice activist and rallies for the protection of the ice caps.  His passion for his beliefs can be over the top and slightly flamboyant.  Like his DeMolay brothers, political leaders find Mr. Green to be extremely annoying and naïve since science and a certain political party have proven Global Warming to be political propaganda.  Mr. Green is not a sneaky man, but has recently collected incriminating evidence on several characters and their involvement to melt the ice caps or fund anti-global warming programs.   He is the only person who knows about this evidence and is worried others will try and take it.  Therefore, he is ALWAYS on alert…..