Thursday, August 25, 2016

Back To School For DeMolay

The summer is almost over, which means school is back in session. I’m sure most DeMolay members will cringe at the thought of school, but it’s not all bad right? You get to see friends that you haven’t seen throughout the summer, experience a new classroom with a new teacher, and you’re a grade higher than you were last year. The most important part of why school is a good thing is because it’s the perfect place to promote DeMolay.

The one thing that makes DeMolay grow is membership, bringing in others to enjoy the experiences that we have all enjoyed ourselves. Why not take advantage of this opportunity by promoting DeMolay at school? You can talk to friends about the fun activities that took place over the summer during lunch or in between classes (I don’t recommend talking during class time. Teachers won’t like that.) You can describe how much fun you had at KeyMan or Convention. When they ask how do I take part in this, give them a form and a brochure.

Another way to promote DeMolay is to promote without saying a word, through advertising. Wear a DeMolay shirt or an emblem on your backpack. Friends may ask what that logo represents, creating a conversation starter, and hopefully a new prospective member.

So, now you should be excited about going back to school. Go out there and recruit new members to make your DeMolay experience more exciting.   

Monday, August 8, 2016

Getting to know the KMU16 Jurisdictional Officers

At Key Man University, members from the Communications and Media Department hosted the KMU blog. Here is one of the articles that they posted in case you missed it. 

In my latest KeyMan University blog, I’ve decided to uncover a little more about our Jurisdictional Officers. I achieved this by questioning a majority of them regarding their favorite superheros, and the reasons that went into their choosing.
Joseph Bell, Brian Martin, and Cole Benfer:
Joseph, Brian, and Cole all selected Batman as their favorite superhero. Joseph’s reason was that Batman was the first superhero he read about, and it has stuck with him to the present day. Brian had chosen Batman because he is just a mortal man that had mastered martial arts, and though he is mortal he risks his life to defeat evil. Cole’s own reasons were that Batman, out of his own volition decides to serve justice and bring discipline to criminals.
Jacob Beers and Andrew Santilli:
Both Andrew and Jacob agreed in that their favorite superhero was Iron Man. Andrew’s reason being Iron Man has expertise with technology and Andrew himself shows an interest in technology. Jacob’s own reasoning was that Iron Man makes use of his vast fortune in an attempt to help others.
Garret Corso:
Garrett’s favorite superhero is Tinkerbell. Garret’s reasoning was that Tinkerbell has wings and though small she rises above expectations of her, which is one of the requisites of being a member of DeMolay.
Cade DeLisle:
Cade’s favorite superhero is Captain America and his reasons are that Captain America is patriotic, caring, compassionate, and strong.
Eric Dye and Samuel Levin:
Eric’s and Samuel’s chose Daredevil as their favorite superhero. Samuel’s reasoning is that even though Daredevil is a flawed person he is still capable of making the world a better place. Eric’s reason is that Daredevil is a very good listener, which makes for exceptional crime fighting capabilities.
Matthew Flaherty:
Matthew’s favorite superhero is Antman. Matthew’s reason for this is that Antman can shrink down and observe people living their life.
Gabriel Jones-Gallardo:
Gabriel’s favorite superhero is Nightwing; His reason for this is Nightwing used to admire Batman and wanted to be like him, however, he has since then changed his views, but still decided to emulate the Dark Knight. Gabriel is much like Nightwing himself, he used to admire someone and wanted to be just like him, later however, he decided he wanted to be his own man.
Sean Reitze:
Sean’s favorite superhero is Thor. Sean’s reason for choosing Thor is that he has a “cool hammer.”
Alejandro Rodriguez:
Alejandro’s favorite superhero is Storm. Alejandro’s reason is Storm is very passionate about her teammates.
David Ticknor:
David’s favorite superhero is Superman. David’s reason for this is that Superman can fly.
Raymond Wright:
Raymond’s favorite superhero is Green Lantern. Raymond’s reason is that Green Lantern’s powers grant him the capability to do anything he puts his mind to as long as his will remains strong.
Among us KeyMen, the Jurisdictional Officers are looked upon as idols and by extension superheroes, and its nice to have a better understanding of some of the thoughts that go into their own personal tastes. This is especially true in regards to understanding their own favorite superheroes, with reasons that might echo our own reasons for thinking of them in the same light.
~David L., Editor-n-chief for the 2016 Communications & Media department.
All above images and the characters depicted in them are registered trademarks of their respective brands; DC Comics, Marvel Comics, and Disney Studios. 

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Presidential Debate at Patton Campus!

The following blog post was written by the members of the Communications and Media Department at Key Man University. Here are their thoughts. 


On Thursday night at 7:00 PM in the multimedia room, several members of the KMU16 staff will be holding a mock presidential debate. “Dad” Peter Brusoe from the Brotherhood and Membership department will be personifying former Secretary of State and Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. “Dad” Dennis Hunter of the DeMolay Education department will be portraying Republican candidate and businessman, Donald Trump. Lastly, “Dad” Dan Loughin will be representing the Libertarian Party candidate and former governor of New Mexico, Gary Johnson. This debate will hopefully show examples of how a proper debate should be handled; with an emphasis on facts and the discussion of important issues, rather than going on with insults and bickering. Though from an entertainment stand point, I do hope its not too overly factual and that we can enjoy some good natured jabs. Regardless of their political affiliation, I wish the best of luck to each candidate.
I do wonder however if “Dad” Brusoe will take his role a little too seriously, and clear his browser history prior to the start of the event.
~Noah B., Senior Editor of the 2016 KMU Communications & Media Department.
UPDATE: Due to unpopular(Brusoe) opinion, we’ve been inclined to mention that Green Party Presidential nominee, Dr. Jill Stein, will be represented by “Bro” Eric Baker in the debate as well.
UPDATE: We’ve been informed that the debate will be taking place at 7:00 PM Thursday evening, rather than the originally posted 9:00 PM. We hope that you can adjust your schedules accordingly, and still join us for this event.

To see more blog posts from the members of KMU check out the KMU website at

2016 KMU Movie Preview, Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad, a can’t miss action thriller.
On Friday August 5, 2016; Suicide Squad will be coming out in theaters across the nation. This film focuses on some of the man villains of DC Comics universe, rather than their hero counterparts. This alone is drawing the interest of many people, myself included. In Suicide Squad villains Harley Quinn and Joker are recruited by the government, and sent to destroy said government’s enemies. Another villain, Deadshot, who specializes with firearms, is the one that I am particularly looking forward to seeing, because according to his backstory he never misses a shot. I for one am fascinated by the concept of Suicide Squad and am incredibly excited to see it, because as I said it will focus on the villains, and I think  that this factor along will make the movie enticing to all that love DC Comics, and even those who don’t.
~David L., Editor-n-chief of the 2016 KMU Communications & Media Department.
Suicide Squad(2016), is a film production by DC Entertainment, and is distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures. All rights and trademarks are reserved by Warner Bros. Pictures.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Films Every DeMolay Should See: A Man for All Seasons

As many of you may already know, State Master Councilor Eric Dye chose the year's theme to be "Lights, Camera, Action: DeMolay Goes Hollywood!" With this in mind, Past International Master Councilor and frequent contributor to the PA DeMolay blog, Peter Brusoe has shared a film that he feels all DeMolay's should see. Thank you Pete for your contribution to our blog.

At KeyMan University we introduced a “Films Every DeMolay Should See” course.  We screened a few films that may have fallen out of our shared cultural awareness, or zeitgeist. One film that was on my list but did not make the final cut was “A Man for All Seasons.”  If you get a chance I think it is a film that every DeMolay should see. The film dramatizes the final years of Sir Thomas More, a personal hero of mine.  The film won six academy awards including Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Actor, and features performances from  stars like John Hurt, Vanessa Redgrave, Susannah York, Paul Scofield, and Orson Welles. (Please google them if you don’t know who they are)

Some may have heard of Thomas More for being the author of Utopia, or have seen a dramatization of him in the Tudors or Wolf Hall on PBS.  Or chances are you may have never heard of the man.  A Man for All Seasons is a good introduction to the person and his strength of character.

Thomas More was an exceptional man for his time.  In an age where education was generally limited to men, he ensured that his daughters received the same education that his son received. A successful lawyer, More served his country in a number of different capacities including positions in parliament (the legislative body of England), and a confidant and advisor to King Henry VIII.  In 1529 he assumed the role of Lord Chancellor of England. In this role, More was in charge of the courts the great seal of England, and the chief advisor to the King of England.  While there is no functional equivalent in American government to compare the position to, perhaps a combined position of Chief Justice and Vice President of the United States. Needless to say the man had arrived at the pinnacle of power and influence for a non-royal.

King Henry VIII sought a divorce from Queen Catherine of Aragon.  In those days, divorces required approval from the Church, and while Henry requested it the church was not willing to give it.  Historically this was known as “The King’s great matter.” Eventually, the King decided if the church would not give him his divorce, he would assume control over the church. More vehemently disagreed with King Henry VIII and resigned rather than do something that would violate his personal conscience.  Hoping to retire from public life and spend a life of studying and writing, the issue kept coming up and the King forced Sir Thomas More to swear an oath that he did not believe in.  Though his friends and fellow ministers of state urged him to give in, More refused and was charged with high treason. He still did not recant. A trial was held which included a panel of judges that counted among themselves the Father, Brother and Uncle of the newly made queen.

After 15 minutes of deliberation, the judges found More guilty. He was originally sentenced to be hung, drawn and quartered. The King commuted the sentence to simple beheading, considered a more humane form of capital punishment.  History holds that right before his execution More exclaimed “the king's good servant, but God's first.”

The film is a great re-telling of the story and has some pretty good quotes in it and some case studies of where power may tempt people.  As you watch the film think about the different characters in the film. Which ones do you admire? Which ones do you resemble the most?  What life lessons do you take from it?