Monday, September 6, 2010

Allentown DeMolay Teaches Ethics to the Business Community

I love Google Alerts! Drop in a key word or two and it brings you news about people or subjects of interest to you. Of course, one of my "Alert" words is "DeMolay" and today it brought me a link to this article about Allentown DeMolay--,0,2389241.story
GO READ IT, and then come back here!

As long as I can remember, Allentown Chapter has been able to use a Bro. Mason's parking lot after hours to park cars of people who want to attend the amazing Allentown Fair. They work hard for one full week, but make a large amount of money that carries them through the financial obligations for the year. The one HIGHLIGHT in that story about price-gouging opportunists profiting off the Allentown Fair was the quote by Bro. and Dad Eric Blew:

"One guy last night was so panicked that he offered me $50 for a space, but I said 'no,' " said Eric Blew, a chapter adviser for Allentown Order of DeMolay, while parking cars for the youth organization Sunday. "We don't raise our rates just because someone is desperate. That's not us. It's not the example
we're trying to set."

Thank you, Dad Blew, for letting the Allentown community know what kind of ethics and virtues we not only teach but also practice in DeMolay! You are my newest PA DeMolay hero, and I am very proud to say that you are a Senior DeMolay, a Master Mason, a parent of a DeMolay and an excellent DeMolay Advisor! (I am also confident that any other Advisor in PA DeMolay would have said and done the same thing if placed in similar circumstances.)

"Dad" Tom Labagh
Executive Officer in PA

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