Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Key Man: Day 3 - Another Update!

We’ve passed the point of no return! It’s Wednesday, and we’ve officially hit the halfway point of Key Man Conference 2010. Tuesday night, a presenter came to speak to the Key Men about cyber safety. Mrs. Deb McCoy owns her own company that deals with electronic communications and laws pertaining to it. She gave an eye-opening presentation on what you can and can’t do with your online speech and texting. All the Key Men learned a lot; there was a long question and answer session with everyone getting in on the conversation.

After the presentation, we headed over to the cafeteria for a Trivia and Wing night, lead by two interesting characters, Fezzy and The Brain. After a round of random topic trivia, we all got our share of wings and celery. Through the night, there were more questions and more wings, and at the end of four rounds of trivia, three teams emerged as the winners, Team “Facebook Hackers” being the "grand champions." All in all, it was a night to remember.

Today the Key Men had another special visitor. Mrs. Cynthia Hollinger from the Masonic Village, which is across the street from Patton Campus, came to talk to us about our activity that we will be doing tomorrow. For those of you who don’t know, the Masonic Village is basically a retirement home for Masons and their families. The campus is beautiful, and there is everything there from wonderful apartments to a fully equipped medical center. Tomorrow, the Key Men will be going over to the Masonic Village to talk to the residents and square dance with them. Don’t worry, we’ll tell you all about it tomorrow, so don’t forget to check in again later! As for the other interesting occurrences for the day, Adam Cline, a member of Erie Chapter, in Pennsylvania, and Legit Chapter here a Key Man, showed us his awesome dancing skills by demonstrating the Macarena dance. We asked where he learned to dance like that, and he said, “All the Erie Chapter dances I’ve attended since I was young… ger.” Erie Chapter must have tons of dances, because that was some mighty fine Macarena.

Sports have been continuing throughout the day and everybody is having a great time. Ritual practice is continuing, and the degrees are really starting to take shape and look professional. The quality of these kids continues to amaze the people who work with them. As our conference proceeds, we are having an awesome time! All the Key Men are learning a lot about DeMolay and how to lead their Chapters back at home, and maybe one day they will be part of Key Man’s JO program! Check in soon for the updates on the rest of the week, and the news straight from the kids living through it.

(Continuing to be...) Bro. Alex Rauschenberger
J.O. Team 3

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