Tuesday, July 3, 2018

PA DeMolay Honors 2018

Once a year, we are given the chance to recognize the people who work hard for our great youth  organization, both our youth and adult leaders. This year at the annual DeMolay International Sessions held in Alexandria, Virginia, several deserving members and Advisors were designated to be named a Chevalier, a Cross of Honor, or a Legion of Honor recipient.

The Chevalier is the highest honor that an Active DeMolay can receive. Although a Senior DeMolay can also receive the Chevalier, all of the recipients for Pennsylvania are in fact Active members, or were at the time of submission. The 2018 Chevalier recipients are:

Alejandro Rodriguez - Allentown
Dimas Rodriguez - Allentown
Aidan Patterson - Carlisle
Andrew Santilli - Chester Pike
Sean Summerfield - Chester Pike
Kody Anderson - Elizabethtown
Brandon Whited - Northeast
A.J. Lee - Susquehanna
Mitchell Holmes - Templar
Dylan Kirk - Westmoreland
David Smith - Westmoreland

The Cross of Honor is an honor that is specifically given for outstanding service as an Advisor of a DeMolay Chapter. All of the recipients are currently serving for a Chapter, and we thank them for their hard work. The 2018 Cross of Honor recipients are:

James Kline - Carlisle
Michelle Martin - Carlisle
Brett Otto - Carlisle
Beth Haney - Chester Pike
Theresa Crawford - Elizabethtown
Kristine Spence - Elizabethtown
Scott Gilligan - Northeast 
Alexander Swift - Northeast
W. Thomas Moyer - Pilgrim
Michael Bell - Reading
Matthew Blaisdell - Riverside
Angie Chappell - Riverside
Mark Johnston - Templar
Robyn Smith - Westmoreland

The Legion of Honor is the highest honor conferred by DeMolay International. The Active Legion of Honor is given to a Senior DeMolay for continued service to DeMolay or outstanding overall leadership. The Honorary Legion of Honor is given to a Mason for meritorious service on behalf of the Order. The 2018 Active and Honorary Legion of Honor recipients are:

Arthur Bartholomew - Chester Pike
Ronald Carson - Elizabethtown
Friendship-Bray - Jeffrey Green
Robert Smith - George Washington
John Dominicis - Personal Nomination
H. William Moyer - Reading
David Matheny - Westmoreland

John Cook - Carlisle
Dennis Stuckey - Elizabethtown
Leonard Juliani - Northeast
Irwin Kohler - Personal Nomination
George March - Personal Nomination
David Auchey - Pilgrim
Bruce Neubauer - Westmoreland

Congratulations to all of this year's recipients! 

Until next time - "Dad" Joe Pullin