Friday, July 29, 2011

Rock Out with DeMolay!

Brother Howie Damron’s first Webcast
      Sunday 9:00pm at
“Music is the use of pleasing notes and harmonies, and is that simple and effectual method often made use of to give expression to the deepest and noblest sentiments of the heart and soul. Its language is universal. The bird sings its notes of joy and praise. The wind sighs through the forest and mountains. The water moans its eternal requiem upon the sea, while man, by power of music, may touch the most tender chords of human existence”.
When I heard this during my FC it was like a magnet that kept returning to me time after time. I knew there was something that I had to offer Freemasonry somehow. I searched and pondered for years while traveling as a Nashville Entertainer across America and Canada wondering what it was. When the song “The Masonic Ring” came into my head to write and I heard the response from those who it deeply touched, it was then that I knew my Masonic Music calling.
Although I’ve spent a lifetime standing in front of live audiences, I’m preparing to do my very first Live Webcast performance this Sunday Evening at 9:00pm at .
My friends it’s never been about fame or fortune for me and it’s always been about reaching out the positive messages found only in Freemasonry. We need a major Masonic Revival and one that shows the Pride we have for being a Mason. This has proven and shown to be the answer for young men to be drawn to Freemasonry. The Webcast will be from my home studio in the hills of southern Ohio. I’ve been asked by Brethren if they could come and watch and they will be there including my Dad “Jimmy Dale Damron” who has been my Masonic mentor from day one. The room I’ll be broadcasting from is magical because it’s the old writing room of the late great “Johnny Paycheck”. Many big name country Artists has been in the room over the years. I have lots I want to share as well as singing the songs from my new album “My Masonic Legacy”. I’ve had July 31 projected as the release date of the album in which has been an eight year project that I refused to release until it was perfected. I’m asking each and every one of you to join me Sunday evening for the show and if you detect me being a little nervous then know I've never done this before so I top can’t wait to see how it turns out.
Let’s all pull together as one team one voice and make old Hiram PROUD. I want to hear from each of you after the show. I leave you with this for now.
“I’ve never been afraid of failure because I’ve failed many times in this life but what I do fear is losing my will to try”.
Brother Howie Damron

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