Thursday, July 21, 2011

One Advisor's Epiphany

This is a special guest post from "Mom" Jan Harms of Pilgrim Chapter. Enjoy!

As a DeMolay Advisor who recently attended Convention, it dawned on me how lucky and blessed I have been to make the choices that I have made to be involved with such a forward thinking and progressive organization for today’s young men.  I was amazed at the talents our members exhibited, both by those in leadership positions and by those who were merely participating.  There was a sense of respect, pride, and dignity exuded by every young man I came in contact with – not only in a formalized setting – but also at the fun parts of the Water Park, paintball, etc.

I can’t think how to better spend my time, personally.  I realize that I am very blessed to see that the young men of today – while they are constantly bombarded by negativity in the media, schools, and society around them – that something good exists in their lives through their participation in DeMolay.  But, what I am even more impressed with, and will NOT take for granted, is that this is an organization that allows our members an opportunity to excel in leadership skills – public speaking, impromptu speaking, leading a group, taking charge, and most importantly – to be independent thinkers! 

The most amazing part of it – it is all allowed and impressed upon the youth by the adults advising these young men – not dictating or doing the jobs that need to be done in this organization for the members. 

I am proud to be an advisor in this organization and hope that my fellow advisors sit back and realize the gifts that we have given in return for the time we give to this organization, and I hope that they  have pride in the young men that join.  We are truly given a gift and should realize it!  It is what motivates me! and makes me proud to be called a “mom” by the members!

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