Monday, August 1, 2011

Who Cares About History? Part Two

In our blog post of  June 27th we talked about our dismay that the Founder's Cross of "Dad" Paul Miller Moore fell into the hands of an antique shop that sold it on E-bay to an unknown purchaser, and an important piece of PA DeMolay history may now be forever lost to us. We'd still like to talk to the purchaser, if he/she ever stumbles across this blog.

We also discussed the general history of the Founder's Cross, and have since come up with some more specific information about the Pennsylvanians who received the Founder's Cross from "Dad" Frank S. Land.  There were NINE (9) total, and all were presented within 2 years; 6 at the same time, suggesting that "Dad" Land attended a PA DeMolay Conclave in June of 1939.

Louis U. Strassburger, Germantown, PA
R. E. Past Grand Commander of PA
Executive Officer for Eastern Pennsylvania, 1937-1939
Awarded December 15, 1937

James N. Deeter, St. Marys, PA
R. E. Past Grand Commander of PA
Executive Secretary for PA DeMolay, 1957-1961
Awarded June 22, 1939

James A. Wieland, Pittsburgh, PA
Deputy Emeritus for PA DeMolay, and Past Potentate and Recorder of Syria Shrine
Awarded June 22, 1939

Kendig C. Bare, Lancaster, PA
Past State Master Councilor of PA DeMolay, 1934-1935
A Lancaster attorney; Mayor of Lancaster 1951-1958
Awarded June 22, 1939

Wilbur L. Minich (Abe), Harrisburg, PA 
Chapter Advisor for Pilgrim Chapter
Awarded June 22, 1939

William A. Hoffman, Beaver Falls, PA
Affiliations Unknown
Awarded June 22, 1939

W. I. Hurst, Johnstown, PA
Accountant or financial officer for the city of Johnstown
Awarded June 22, 1939

James N. Wilson, Erie, PA
Affiliations Unknown
Awarded October 28, 1939

Paul Miller Moore, Aliquippa, PA
Past Grand Commander of Knights Templar of Pennsylvania, and Most Eminent Past Grand Master of the Grand Encampment of Knights Templar of the United States of America
Awarded October 28, 1939

If anyone can give us more detail about any of these men-- family, education, employment, etc.-- we'd be glad to add it to their record.

And someday, perhaps, DeMolay International will post a listing of ALL the recipients of the Founder's Cross as a part of their commitment to preserving the heritage of the Order of DeMolay.

"Dad" Tom Labagh
EO of PA DeMolay

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