Thursday, July 7, 2011

A DeMolay's Guide to Mission: Control

Today's post is brought to you by Bro. Matt Blaisdell, DSMC of PA DeMolay, and candidate for the office of State Master Councilor at Convention 2011 in just one week!

Visualize that you’re strapped into your seat, staring up towards your destination. You hear an announcement “10…9…8…7” While closing your eyes, you imagine what is up there to be discovered “6…5…4…3…2…” You grip the armrests and prepare for take off. “And we have lift off!” A large rumble strikes the shuttle, and no, it wasn’t because you forgot to finish your burger and fries from Burger King! The flames shoot out the bottom of your ship and you hurtle towards space; towards your Mission…

For Astronauts, there are many, and I mean MANY, rules you need to follow to assure a safe and successful Mission, but out of all those rules, here are some of the most important ones to remember:

Always keep your life pack with you!
In the deep, dark voids of our galaxy, the closest and most important thing to you will be your life pack. Forgetting to have that with you could cost you your life if you try to leave your spaceship! Once you get your life pack, keep it with you at all times!

Don’t forget your Mission!
Always remember to keep an eye on your goal while up there. It may be an exciting and overwhelming experience to say “I can see my house from here!... I think?” But what exactly is your Mission for this launch? Space exploration, information collecting and moon “prospectin'" will be some of the most important goals!

Don’t be afraid to tell someone you’re an Astronaut, working under Mission: Control!
Trust me, if you say that you’re an Astronaut, you’ll become a world class hero like Apollo 14's Edgar Mitchell, who is a Senior DeMolay. Wear insignia that shows what rank you and people will recognize you as a hero for doing everything you can to help!

If you see aliens, talk to them!
There’s no proof that aliens are bad. After much debate, the decision has been made that if you ever come across a person of another universe, try to strike conversation with them! You never know what they could do to help your Mission or the planet!

Stay safe and have fun!
Granted, being in a multi-billion dollar space craft will be fun unto itself, but you won’t have the leisure of sitting back and playing Xbox or rocking out on your guitar. Being an astronaut requires a strict mindset, with the hopes that you won’t go insane while floating in space! Don’t’ forget, YOU’LL BE IN SPACE! There’s a lot of stuff to do, and you’ll be one of a handful who get’s that opportunity to soar to new heights!

It’s your Mission; Control it!

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