Monday, July 25, 2011

Mission - Update!

Brought to us from the bridge of the PA DeMolay Spacecraft, Bro. Matt Maple, SSC, gives us an update!

What do you get when more than a dozen Pennsylvania DeMolay Space Crusaders unite in the name of Mission: Control? How about the best state officer retreat this galaxy has seen! July 22nd – 24th, the appointed and elected officers, as well as Ms. Marian Wiggins, State Sweetheart, assembled to learn how to prepare our spacecrafts for launch! Throughout the weekend, they learned how to accomplish Mission: Public Speaking, Mission: Installation and even Mission: Give! All day Saturday, the officers took part in Space Crusader training and we are proud to say we are ready to hit the space trail in warp speed!

The officers chose various committees which will make Pennsylvania DeMolay, and our Mission better! 

Fleet Commander Rauschenberger – Mission: Lead!
            Captains: Holtzer, E. Ippolito, Rowles and Donahue
This mission will be accomplished by getting inactive Space Crusaders involved in our overall mission. This mission cannot be completed without the help from all of you!   

Fleet Commander TempleMission: Learn!
            Captains: Glass, Barber and Meyer
This mission’s main goal is to complete 100 LCCs by NASA Class (Dec. 2nd – 4th). We know each of us have what it takes to complete this mission. What are you waiting for? Go complete Mission: Learn!
Fleet Commander Kallhoff – Mission: Alliance!
            Captains: Adamcik, Cancilla and Spence
This fleet’s first goal is to have 100 members signed up for the Mission: Control Alliance of Pennsylvania DeMolay. Stay tuned on our website for regular Alliance updates!
Fleet Commander Ms. Wiggins – Mission: Give!
            Captains: Bausinger, Rodriguez  and Blew
Mission: Give! Will focus not only on the contributions of each spacecraft in conjunction with the  Children's Dyslexia Centers, but also the advancement of the Sweetheart program. Without you, this mission will not be a success.

Fleet Commander Maple – Mission: Reflect!
            Captains: Neubauer, Hample and Kopp
It was “Dad” Frank S. Land’s mission to have every DeMolay become a Representative DeMolay, but it is our mission to push this mission with all of our rocket thrusters! We want to have at least* 20 RDs completed by NASA Class (Dec. 2nd – 4th) and to design and execute a similar RD application for Chapter and State Sweethearts. (* NOTE: 20 is the minimum, go above and beyond that goal and aim for other galaxies!)

Fleet Commander Skibicki – Mission: Observe!
            Captains: J. Ippolito, Chubb and Dufour
This mission will shoot for Chapter appreciation and observance of the Obligatory Days we all know and love. We want to prepare every Chapter for DeMolay Month and other Obligatory Days throughout the year. This mission is in the hands of the Space Crusaders of your spacecraft!

Although these missions have commanders and captains, please offer your intel for anything we can do to make your DeMolay experience, and the experience of Space Cadets following a greater one!

What’s your Mission

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