Thursday, March 21, 2019

Centennial Memory #4: Lee Cram Elected International Congress Secretary

To celebrate the DeMolay Centennial, PA DeMolay will be counting down 100 memories worth celebrating that took place within the DeMolay Chapters and Jurisdiction of Pennsylvania.

DeMolay International has two Elected positions for Active DeMolay Members. These positions are the International Master Councilor and the International Congress Secretary. In the history of the two positions, which dates back to 1967, PA DeMolay has had one representative serve DeMolay International in this capacity.

In 1982, Lee. L. Cram was elected to the position of International Congress Secretary, serving the 1982-1983 year. "Dad" Cram is a Past Master Councilor of Friendship-Bray Chapter. He served as State Master Councilor of Pennsylvania DeMolay from 1981 to 1982. He then took his chances and was elected International Congress Secretary at the annual sessions in Reno, Nevada. Since then, a few young men have run for offices, but only "Dad" Cram was fortunate enough to have served. Below, you will find the article from the winter 1983 issue of the DeMolay Cordon. You will also find pictures from his election, which are kept in the PA DeMolay archive.   

Until next time - "Dad" Joe Pullin

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