Friday, June 16, 2017

KMU Course Selection: DeMolay Education

The following is a blog post highlighting a specific department that will be offered at KeyMan University this summer. Today's post is written by "Dad" Tom Moyer, who will be of the Department Chairman for the DeMolay Education Department. 

Are you just beginning your journey within this amazing youth organization? 

In the DeMolay Education department at Key Man University, you will have an opportunity to learn about DeMolay as you haven’t been able to before. You, along with fellow newer members, will focus on honing your DeMolay skills and knowledge, as well as preparing you to grow both as a DeMolay and as a citizen of your country. You'll learn the ins and outs of the organizations, including honors and awards, the offices and their responsibilities, and the overall operations of how the organization works.

When I first joined DeMolay, I struggled with public speaking, memorization, and being able to organize my thoughts into actions. With the help of my Advisors and my family, I was able to overcome these challenges and give back to DeMolay by being a Jurisdictional Officer, and eventually, State Master Councilor. I now continue to serve this order and look forward to giving back to those who helped me by helping mold the future DeMolay leaders. Maybe you don’t consider yourself to be a leader, but by the time your through with this department at KMU, you will. 

DeMolay is different from other organizations in that we regularly change over leadership with most chapters using 6 month terms for their Master Councilors. While you may not currently be thinking about becoming a master councilor, the opportunity may present itself throughout your DeMolay career. I’ve attended over ten different Key Man conferences since 2005 aside from meeting hundreds of brothers, I’ve met some high quality friends who have helped me grow both in DeMolay and in my private life, and you will too.
Why not start your DeMolay career off with a week that is packed full of fun, comradery, and growth?  Sign up for DeMolay Education today!

To sign up for KeyMan University, visit the website at

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