Tuesday, June 6, 2017

KMU Course Selection: Brotherhood and Membership

The following is a blog post highlighting a specific department that will be offered at KeyMan University this summer. Today's post is written by "Mom" Kelley Otto of Carlisle Chapter and "Dad" Peter Brusoe of our Nationals Capital, who will be two of the Advisors leading the Brotherhood and Membership Department. 

BaM! What does the Brotherhood and Membership (BaM) Department do at Keyman? We are building new DeMolay communities, promoting brotherhood, and enhancing our membership! 

How do you build a DeMolay Chapter? The foundation starts with is yourself.  We need to give you the skills to be a better brother and share the comradeship we experience in DeMolay. BaM looks at what we can do to improve ourselves as Brothers, using trust building exercises, problem based learning, and interactive activities. We also share with you some of the rich history of our order focusing on tradition and sharing the stories about famous DeMolays and brothers.

To the foundation, you add walls and rooms, which are other members in our Chapter. We look at how to promote brotherhood in our chapter. We provide strategies and ideas to ensure that all members, regardless of age or interest, are engaged with the chapter. Presentations and group projects help us to develop these skills. DeMolay awards and honors will also be reviewed. 

Now we have the foundation and walls, what about the roof? Yes, your Advisors, who always have you covered. We will work on how to talk to adult and work with them to plan prospect parties and other events. The department Advisors will help you put everything together that we discuss for the week so you can take the new ideas back to your Chapters.

But that is only one home, what about a community? Promoting our organization in the community is a key to growing our Chapter. We discuss different community events and presentations to help build our ties. Masonic organizations will be presented in a new way. Elevator speeches will be developed in our classes.

Come join us to learn how to build your DeMolaly community. BaM looks forward to working with you in August!

To sign up for KeyMan University, visit the website at keyman.pademolay.org.

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