Friday, August 1, 2014

KMU 2014 - Of Zombies and Brotherhood!

Guess who is on campus? I have been here since Wednesday poking fun at the full time staff! We have a great week ahead of us with a ton of fun events. I hope by now you have been able to choose your minors and are getting ready for the major courses you decided to take. Please remember to look at the packing list that has been sent out and to not forget anything, especially underwear. There is only one thing that stinks worse than old underwear - zombies.

Have you ever wished that you were a zombie, chasing after a human so that you could devour their brains? I know I have. Well, I will let you in on a little secret; Sunday night will have the first fun event of Key Man - Humans vs. Zombies! Now don’t get me wrong, being a human would be fun, but being able to eat brains and not die is pretty high on my bucket list.

With this event and many others being put on during Key Man University 2014, it is sure to be a blast. But always remember, brotherhood. We must always treat our brothers in the best manner possible. If we do not, then what is the point of DeMolay?

Although we may chase after them as a zombie threatening to eat their brains, at the end of the day, we will hug in zombie brotherly love.

See you soon!

Bro. Nick Capes
Youth Director
Key Man University 

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