Thursday, August 28, 2014

Walt Disney, DeMolay, and the Founder's Cross

Today's blog post is one of the most exciting I've ever been able to make.

Previously, on this blog, we've talked about Walt Disney's membership in DeMolay and shared with you some correspondence he wrote about the organization. A couple of weeks ago, I posted my research about the Founder's Cross, of which Walt Disney was a recipient.

Now, thanks to the work of some fellow researchers, we've secured photos of Bro. Disney's Founder's Cross and membership card. These are in possession of the Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco, CA.

These pictures are absolutely amazing and credit for them is due to Mr. Ed Brucker (who's son is a member of Missouri DeMolay) who has been assisting me with tracking down information regarding the Founder's Cross. I'd also like to offer public kudos to "Dad" Tom Varner, of Virginia, who has been compiling biographies of several recipients (with hopes of having a book of biographies available at some point.)

This is what researching DeMolay history is all about - Brothers working together to make discoveries about our past and preserve them for the future!

Frat! ~ "Dad" Seth Anthony

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