Thursday, August 21, 2014

Questions DeMolays Ask Their Executive Officers

DeMolay is supervised by an Executive Officer in each jurisdiction that is a part of DeMolay International. These Executive Officers are given very broad and expansive powers, but, interestingly, there isn't a long line of people who want the position.  At the Key Man University program this year, there were three DeMolay Executive Officers present, representing Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and the Canadian province of Ontario. All three participated in an open forum EO Roundtable, and took written questions from the 37 members who were present. It is interesting just to see the questions that were asked:

What is an Executive Officer?
What is a State Officer?
What are the exact roles/responsibilities of an Executive Officer?
How many countries is DeMolay in throughout the world?
How do you become a State master Councilor?
Why can't we eat in our rooms?
Who was the first member of DeMolay?
How long does it take to start a new Chapter?
Is there a DeMolay song?
Do you need specific skills to be the Organist in a Chapter?
How do you put on your pants?
How was the Sweetheart Program started?
Is there an International Sweetheart?  If so, is the role similar to the PA State Sweetheart?
In your opinion, what is the most challenging DeMolay position?  Explain why.
How is an Executive Officer elected, selected or appointed?
How do you become an Executive Officer?  What does an Executive Officer do?
It is called State Master Councilor in the United States, so what is the title in Canada?
How many DeMolay Chapters are in the U.S. and how many are active?
Besides an application, what is necessary to become an elected state officer?
What is the best way to become State Master Councilor?
How do you become a State Officer?
Why can sweethearts see parts of the DeMolay Degree in some states, and not in others?
What does an Executive Officer actually do?  How many should there be?
What age can you become Executive Officer?
How long is an Executive Officer's term?
What do you have to do to get your PMC-MSA?
What do you have to do to run for State Master Councilor?
Why do we have an Executive Officer?
Are EOs also for sweethearts, or do sweethearts have their own?
Do you like your job?
How much do you weigh?
What's your middle name?
What did you look like when you were a kid?  How old are you?
How old are you?  Have you ever been State Master Councilor?
How do you become International Master Councilor?
How much authority are Advisors allowed to display?
What is the hardest decision you've made as EO?
Dad Labagh, why do you like the Miami Dolphins?
Do EOs have to attend International DeMolay meetings?
How come the Chocolate Milk is sooooo goooood in Elizabethtown?
Why can't girls join DeMolay?  (Please be serious!)
How come Master Councilors think they are "all that!"?
What has been your favorite experience with DeMolay, and why?
What would you change about DeMolay International?
Who told you about DeMolay, and how long ago was that?
How long have you been EO in your jurisdiction?
WHY did you become Executive Officer?  Did you WANT to become Executive Officer?
When were State Sweetheart capes used?
What is the job of the State Master Councilor?
If you could change the name of any Chapter office, what would that be, and what would you change it to?
Do you like unicorns?

As you can imagine, some of the answers were JUST as interesting!
Do you have any questions for your Executive Officer?  Go ahead-- ask him!

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