Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A Record for Members

Welcome to Day 2 of Blog Week here at PA DeMolay!

Yesterday, we referenced a book entitled the 9th edition of the "DeMolay Handbook." This book was the precursor to our current DeMolay Leader's Resources Guide. Over the course of nearly 100 years, these books have contained all of the information a new Brother or Advisor would need to get into the DeMolay program. While not comprehensive, these tomes contain vast amounts of information and knowledge and offer a glimpse into the DeMolay world at the time of publishing.  The first edition was published in May of 1959, only a few months before Dad Land died.

I recently came across a very, very early predecessor to this document, dating from around 1927. This book was called the "Member's Record Book" and contained spaces for a DeMolay to fill in pertinent information about his fraternal career. The Member's Record Book was regularly published and mailed to every new member until the mid-1980's, when it became cost-prohibitive.  However, of more value to us, today, is the historical context we can pull from this particular piece.

Highlights include graphics and images, including previously unavailable photos of Frank Land and Alexander Cochran (the Order's first Grand Master); details on the early organization and operation of the "Grand Council"; information on early honors and awards, previously unidentified; details on the early Legion of Honor and how it was administered prior to the creation of the Degree of Chevalier; along with a plethora of information on how the early leaders of the group envisioned its place in society.

As a service to all DeMolays, PA DeMolay has made this document available for download. Just click here!

We hope you enjoy this resource and that it can provide a point of reference for DeMolay historians the world over!

Frat! ~ "Dad" Seth C. Anthony

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  1. I have an original that I bought on Ebay.

    Brotherly hugs.