Monday, April 7, 2014

Why Watches?

A little while ago, I wrote a blog post about the origination of the term "key" as it relates to our awards in DeMolay. The long story short is that the keys were used for pocket watches. Since writing that post, I've taken a bit more interest in watches and clocks and thought I'd share some of my findings here.

Many DeMolays pride themselves on being above the "fashion" curve so to speak. Our members generally know how to dress better than most of their friends and they have more experience with wearing a suit and dealing with formal settings. However, one of the "dying" arts in men's fashion is understanding the need and wearing of a good wrist watch.

Now, many of you are probably saying "But, "Dad" Anthony, I don't need a watch. I have a magical device in my pocket that does everything a watch can and much more - my phone!" While it's true that your phone can do all of the things a watch does, there are some advantages to wearing a watch, plus there is statement to be made with your choice as well.

Why would you choose a watch over a phone? The folks over at Arcadia NYC, a business that sells watches, offer the following reasons:

"Think of just how many occasions where it is rude or just impossible to look at your smartphone but totally acceptable to casually or discreetly  glance at your wristwatch; The theater, a date, a concert, a meal with family or friends, an airplane, a business meeting, a job interview, while driving, and on and on and on. Add onto that the fact that watches are a beautiful, decorative accessory that is one of a very few that are totally socially acceptable for virtually all men and women if the design is appropriate – it gives a person a chance to express themselves in a way they may not be comfortable with using other forms of jewelry/adornment.

There are also professions that basically require that you have a watch – doctors, nurses, anyone who has to take someone’s pulse, needs a second hand to do it with. Therapists prefer to be able to discreetly keep track of that famous 50-minute hour without constantly looking obviously at the clock on the wall. Teachers can’t say to their students to keep their cellphones put away and then pull theirs out every 10 minutes to check their lesson plan scheduling. Drivers should know better than to be distracted with their cellphones while driving; but your wrist is almost attached to the steering wheel."

So, obviously there are still some very good reasons to wear a time piece on your wrist. Before you dismiss the idea of wearing a watch and go back to checking your phone, give the idea a chance. You might be surprised how wearing a watch makes a statement about you!

Perhaps later, I'll write an article about choosing a wrist watch... hmmmm....

Frat! ~ "Dad" Seth Anthony

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