Monday, April 28, 2014

Get a C.L.U.E.: Part VIII - What happened to "Dad" Boddy?

As PA DeMolay prepares for the upcoming C.L.U.E. Spring Leadership Weekend, to be held May 2-4, 2014, at Patton Campus, we thought it time to fill you in on a little more backstory about the event.

“Dad” Boddy is missing!

It has been 2 weeks since “Dad” Boddy, Chapter Advisor of Preposterous Chapter in Unlikely, PA has been seen. He has missed his Chapter Meetings,  missed the Advisory Council Meeting, and he has not attended his knitting circle meetings, which he would NEVER miss, if he was able to get to them.

“Dad” Boddy has served as the Chapter Advisor of his Chapter for the last 10 years. Most of the time, he described his job as “Ring Master;" not because of the kids - they were great, and the reason he stayed so long. No, when he had problems, it was from his fellow Advisors. Did one of them finally snap and do “Dad’ Boddy a mischief? Lets look at the rogues…uh Advisors... that make up the Council:

“Dad” “The Colonel” Mustard - serves as Chairman of Preposterous Chapter and is known for his people skills, which are mostly awful. British Born and Military trained, he moved to the United States with the blessing (some say at the command) of the Queen. He and “Dad” Boddy had served together in the war…but “Dad” Boddy was born in America…Is “Dad” Mustard lying? Or is he just an idiot?

“Mom” Peacock - The Awards Advisor - She has lots of money…but money doesn’t buy everything, Mrs Peacock says it can sure rent it. One of the few people who would dare say “NO” to her was “Dad” Boddy. Did he de-rail one of her schemes, one too many times? Did he use his salad fork for his fruit cup? Is she capable of getting rid of the Boddy? Or is she just a bunch of feathers?

“Dad” “Professor” Plum - The Youth Protection Advisor - He is well travelled, educated and a ceaseless irritant to all who know him. He always likes to be the most knowledgeable on any topic, but “Dad’ Boddy always got in the last word when it came to the Chapter. Did the Professor check out a volume of" How to Win Friends and Influence People" and read it backwards? Is he capable of high crimes and misdemeanors? Can he spell high crimes and misdemeanors?

“Mom” Scarlet - Advisory Council Secretary - She has files…lots of files…on everything and everyone! Never one to pass up a juicy secret, on more than one occasion, “Dad’ Boddy told her to mind her own business. Did she make it her business to give “Dad’ Boddy the business?
Did she find out something that could make him disappear? Is red really her natural color?

“Dad” Green - Assistant Chapter Advisor - He has been in “Dad” Boddy’s shadow ever since he was a child. Did he take matters into his own hands and clear “Dad” Boddy out of his way? He always thought “Dad” Boddy was out to get him but did he get to “Dad’ Boddy first? was it the Green Monster of jealously that made Mr. Green see red? Wouldn’t that make him purple? Have you had enough of color based jokes?

“Mom” White - Advisory Council Treasurer- She likes Cats, she has 11 of them and they aren't cheap to keep. Rumor has it that the Chapter has invested in a lot Fancy Feast lately and it wasn't for the members. Also, "Dad” Boddy told her she can’t bring her cats to Chapter Meetings. Was that enough for her to sink her claws in him? Did she have the eye of the tiger and sneak up behind them like she was on a hot tin roof? Can I make one more cat reference in this paragraph that would make it just purrfect? Do I need to be medicated?

“Dad” Jeeves," - Superintendent of the Masonic Center - He buttles and is under suspicion as well. A bit high strung, "Dad" Jeeves has never taken criticism well, especially as it relates to his job.  Did “Dad” Boddy criticize his door opening skills? Did he miss cleaning up a scuff on the floor? Or did he scuff up "Dad" Boddy?

That will be for YOU to decide.

On Thursday, we will posting what we know about the case so far, so check back to get the first CLUEs for the weekend!

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