Thursday, April 3, 2014

Get a C.L.U.E.: Part IV - Miss Scarlet

As PA DeMolay prepares for the upcoming C.L.U.E. Spring Leadership Weekend, to be held May 2-4, 2014, at Patton Campus, we thought it high time to introduce you to some of the characters that you'll meet during the weekend. This series of articles will run every Thursday for the next several weeks, so make sure to check back!
Miss Crystal Amber Scarlet was born in Barnstable, MA (not be confused with being born a in a barn, which she was not), to an innkeeper father and a hotel maid mother.  During her teenage years, she was often required to work in her father's inn, where it did not take her long to realize that a few flattering words and a nice smile earned her significant attention and tips, especially from many of the businessmen and locals that frequented her father's establishments.
Unfortunately, Miss Scarlet's very lucrative income came to an abrupt end when her father sold the inn without her knowledge.  Left with no job and no income, Miss Scarlet was busy considering her options when she was contacted by one of her wealthy customers from her father's business asking her to be his companion for an important political event.  Through her networking skills, Miss Scarlet built herself a very lucrative business as a "companion" to high ranking politicians and businessmen. Miss Scarlet was very careful to keep detailed secret files on her companions, whose business has kept Miss Scarlet living a lifestyle she has no intention of losing, despite efforts by several of her companions to destroy her through blackmail unless she turns over the private files that she keeps on each of her companions.  Miss Scarlet has no intention of giving into blackmail.

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