Friday, December 17, 2010

Trivia with Fezzy: Week 9!

Each Friday I am posting a PA DeMolay Blog related trivia question. Each active DeMolay from Pennsylania (excluding Elected State Officers) who correctly posts their answer in the comments section of this blog will be placed in a drawing to receive 5 points for the Take Control! program and receive a special "Fezzy" gamer tag over on the points page! All you have to do is leave your answer in the comments section. On Monday morning I will randomly select one of the correct answers and award the person with the points. Answer every week and rack up some major points - it's that easy! Remember, the answer to the question can found right here on the PA DeMolay blog in a previous post. We've had 140 posts so far, but I guarantee you that it's on the blog somewhere!

So, on to the question of the week! This is an easy one!

1. Who formally adopted the fez as their main hat in 1826?

Get answering!

Frat!-"Dad" Seth "Fezzy" Anthony


  1. The Ottomons Adopted the fez as their main hat in 1826. And it has also been known in religions but lately it has been known as the hat the shriners wear. They are in many parades now with cool small cars.

  2. Hey guys!

    Due to my impending vacation for the holiday, I called this one early. Congratulations go out to Michael for the correct answer! Good work. Michael, drop me an email at that includes your last name so I can give you the points over on the page!