Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Meet the Candidates: Sean Reitze for State Master Councilor

Convention is right around the corner, which means that its time to elect our officers for 2018-2019. Here is our second candidate for State Master Councilor, Bro. Sean Reitze from Pilgrim Chapter.

My name is Sean Reitze, and I am running for the office of State Master Councilor for PA DeMolay. I have been a member of Pilgrim Chapter since May 14, 2013. In that time, I have served two terms as Master Councilor, received my PMC-MSA twice, and recently had the honor of receiving the Chevalier. Outside of my DeMolay life, I will be entering my junior year at West Chester University as a Communications major with minors in Computer Science, Spanish, and Leadership. In my free time, I enjoy listening to music, photography, and playing games on my Xbox 360.

If elected, what will your biggest area of focus be?
If elected State Master Councilor, my biggest area of focus would be working to create regular regional events, such as go-karting, bowling, dances, or other fun events. With Chapters working together, it makes it possible to have one awesome event, instead of spreading efforts out too thin. Collaboration is the key to success with our Chapters — everyone within a region has the power to plan and execute something that benefits not only their members, but also bring new friends into our Order.

What is your greatest DeMolay experience or accomplishment?
My greatest DeMolay experience in recent memory was my second time visiting Venango Chapter — to help obligate their first five members. It marked the start of new beginnings in Oil City, and it was amazing to see all of the hard work from many dedicated individuals come to fruition. I also had a great time meeting and getting to know the new members of Venango Chapter afterwards (even though they beat me in a few games of pool).

What do you see of your DeMolay legacy after serving as State Master Councilor?
After serving as State Master Councilor if elected, I would want my legacy to be looked back on as someone who worked to create unforgettable events, who made a difference, and seen as a team player. While it’s essential that we have memorable programs and events, it’s incredibly important to me that everyone feels valued and has their voices heard. The beauty of DeMolay is the fact that it is an organization for youth, run by youth. Each voice has something new to contribute to the dialogue, and I will acknowledge and respect each member’s voice equally. Following my time as an Active DeMolay, I plan on staying involved with PA DeMolay in the capacity of an Advisor and eventually hope to serve on the state staff. To me, DeMolay is a lifetime commitment — I want to be able to give back to DeMolay what it has given to me.

The registration deadline for Convention is June 10th. Make sure you are there for your chance to vote for your Elected State Officers. See you in Gettysburg! 

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