Friday, May 25, 2018

Meet the Candidates: Andrew Santilli for Deputy State Master Councilor

It's almost time for the annual PA DeMolay Convention, so why not get to know our candidates for State Office. We have two candidates for the office of Deputy State Master Councilor. Here is our second, Bro. Andrew Santilli of Chester Pike Chapter. 

I have been in DeMolay for six years now, and naturally I have experienced many ups and downs as a state officer, a chapter member, and a brother in general. My failures have given me invaluable insight into how better to serve my brethren, and I want to run for office to help them prove on a global scale that we aren’t some average fraternity struggling to survive, but that we are and will be flourishing in our communities. DeMolay has helped me realize not who I am, but who I need to be. A learner, a servant as well as a leader, an honest embodiment of our obligations, and someone who creates a better future right now, every single day.

What is your greatest DeMolay experience or accomplishment?
My greatest DeMolay experience is recurring in the presentation of the Flower Talk to an extensive number of Masonic lodges in the country. Not only is it a very practical application of skills we learn like public speaking and Masonic service, it is a very direct experience of how DeMolay can influence people. To be able to see the expression on someone’s face during the presentation, and to be able to speak deeply with new people around the country is an experience i will cherish forever.

Who are some of you DeMolay influences and how have they inspired you?
Obviously many people have had a significant impact on me in DeMolay. To keep it short, the two men that I thought of first were my grandfather, and “Dad” Jerry Richards. Before I was old enough to join, it was my grandfather who lit that fire in me and has held me to the highest standard of being a man and DeMolay. Dad Richards has given me invaluable support, both emotionally and in his guidance as I have made my way through different areas of being a DeMolay. He has driven me countless hours and prepared me to handle anything that was thrown at me.

What are your goals if elected to serve as a State Officer?
This is one of SMC candidate Tyler Moyers goals as well, but I want to ensure that every member is proficient in his obligations. I also want to see that for the first time in a long time, Pennsylvania experiences positive growth in membership. A third goal for my term is to see that the money raised for state charity is in excess of ten thousand dollars for the year. And finally, the existence of a squires program in every chapter by years end would be incredible.

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