Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Meet the Candidates: Tyler Moyer for State Master Councilor

Convention is right around the corner, which means it will be time to vote for our Elected State Officers to serve for the 2018-2019 year. Here is one of the candidates for the office of State Master Councilor, Bro. Tyler Moyer from Pilgrim Chapter. 

While I’ve been a member of DeMolay for nearly eight years, it has been these last two years as an Elected State Officer and maintaining an active role in my local Chapter, that I’ve learned the most about DeMolay and what it truly means to be a member. As I progressed through the ESO line, I learned that the office of State Master Councilor is designed to give members an ultimate chance to give back to their brothers. My goals are simple, to make sure that each of us leaves the year with an understanding of what it means to be a DeMolay and how to do it. Also, to prepare us so that we can move into the next century running full-steam ahead; prepared to grow and develop our Chapters, but most importantly grow and develop ourselves.

If elected, what will be your biggest area of focus?
If elected State Master Councilor, my focus will be to create a positive learning environment for our members to build themselves through focused workshops at weekends and personal development time at our State functions. Our goal will be to see that the individual members and State go through three stages: education, development, and growth. If we receive the education and develop our skills, then we can see the benefits of growth; in ourselves, our chapters and our State. I’d be happy to tell you my exciting 3 step plan for next year, feel free to ask me.

What is your greatest DeMolay experience or accomplishment?

I think that my greatest DeMolay accomplishment/experience would have to be being the 2016 KeyMan Youth Director. While that position was more of an administrative role, I think that it gave me an insight into what being SMC would be like and what I would want to do with that opportunity. It taught me a lot about how to best balance the learning that is going on throughout the week with the fun that I had planned. Yes, I absolutely believe that our DeMolay program should be full of fun, but I also see the importance of education, and that’s what I hope to make sure we balance throughout the year.

What do you see of your DeMolay legacy after serving as State Master Councilor? 

We all want to be remembered for something. Whether that be as a great ritualist, athlete, or something else. I would love for my legacy to be based on being a motivator of change to help realign the focus of our program for others to build off of and make their legacies.

The registration deadline for Convention is June 10th. Make sure you are there for your chance to vote for your Elected State Officers. See you in Gettysburg! 

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