Monday, May 12, 2014

What I've learned while blogging...

Last week, we reached a milestone with our 500th post. First, let me thank "Dad" Labagh for stepping up and writing the post to mark the occasion. It was much appreciated. As I reflect back on having written several hundred posts, I'm reminded of one of "Dad" Labagh's favorite lines - "What have you learned?"

I asked myself this question. What have I learned from operating a blog for several years and writing so much? This has been just as much a learning experience for me, as it has for those who read the blog, which is fantastic on so many levels.

With that mind, here's my list of 5, in no particular order:

1. "Posts can come from anywhere." - I quickly learned that writing about DeMolay twice a week can be challenging. However, when you apply the lessons or ideals of DeMolay to other articles or trends, it becomes much easier to produce content.

2. "Don't be afraid of controversy." - We've had our share of controversial posts on this blog, written by several different members and friends of PA DeMolay. A little controversy can help drive your readership and keep things interesting.

3. "Plan to post." - I try to make sure that if I can't make a posting on a Monday or Thursday, that I have someone else cover for me. This spices things up a bit and provides others the chance to share their ideas.

4. "Timeliness is key." - Ensuring that posts occur when they are supposed to is one of the most important things. When posts don't go up on time, people stop reading. Consistency is your friend.

5. "Appeal to the masses." - Some of our most read posts are those that appeal to a broader group than just friends of DeMolay. By producing content that appeals to them, we expose more people to what our program is and what a great organization we have.

Blogging isn't always easy or fun, but the value of this site has proven to be enormous and I look forward to posting for several more years to come!

Frat! ~ "Dad" Seth Anthony

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