Thursday, May 29, 2014

Meet the KMU Staff: The Brotherhood & Membership Department

Is your chapter too big? Do you feel like you’re in a crowd at every meeting or event? Do you have too many friends? Does every new member immediately become active in all your meetings, activities, and events? If the answer to all these questions is yes then this department is NOT for you!

This year PA DeMolay is celebrating their 90th anniversary. Do you realize not one active DeMolay during this landmark year will continue to be an active DeMolay for our 100th anniversary? Unless we continue to recruit new members and strengthen and grow our Chapters DeMolay could fade away into the abyss.

If you believe your Chapter should grow, if you want a full Chapter room on meeting nights, if you want more friends, if you want new members to become involved, choose the Membership and Brotherhood Department at Key Man University!
We’ll start with the basics; you'll learn how to identify prospects, how to talk to them, how to get them to try DeMolay and ultimately join. Come along with us on the journey as a new member learns what DeMolay is, finds out what’s in it for them, and becomes excited to be what you already are! You will acquire the skills to help your Chapter grow and flourish by not only recruiting new members, but also making them integral parts of your Chapter – they can help with the work and multiply the fun!

The 3 faculty members have a wealth of experience in convincing people to take action, and will guide you through the steps you need to take to create change and grow your chapter! Along with you, we will develop a scientific recruiting tool you can take home with you. We intend to present and discuss techniques you can apply to effect change and influence the future of DeMolay!

Let’s meet the learned Staff!

The first advisor we will meet is Mom Pam Santilli, an advisor with Chester Pike Chapter in Pennsylvania. Many of you are familiar with Mom Santilli or her alter ego Miss Scarlet. Her Chester Pike Chapter continues to grow and is a force to be reckoned with at all state events. She makes her living as a trial lawyer, so you know she has developed a few skills in the art of persuasion.           
Dad Brett Bean had been involved in Maryland DeMolay for almost thirty years. Over that time he was one of the youngest Chapter Master Councilors to receive the PMC-MSA. He also has a Founder’s Membership Award, Blue Honor Key, and is Chevalier. Dad Bean is a PSMC for Maryland DeMolay in 1992-93. During his term of office, three chapters came back from being dark and membership in the State was at a three year high. He is currently working with Stephen J. Ponzello Chapter (which was his old home chapter in Dundalk, MD) and is also the State Dad for the State Officer Corp.  Dad Bean is a professional stand-up comic and actor. He was a cabinetmaker and stage carpenter for twenty years and is helping his home Chapter make new props and costumes for their DeMolay degree. 
Finally we have Dad Bill Holtzer, Chapter advisor of Westmoreland Chapter in Greensburg, PA. Westmoreland Chapter has grown from 2 active members just 5 years ago, to a Chapter that can have 15 active DeMolays at a meeting. Along the road Dad Holtzer has witnessed different recruiting techniques as well as the changes in a Chapter as it grows. No longer can 1 mini-van, 2 advisors, and a couple phone calls make an event happen. Dad Holtzer makes his living in sales, and he can convince people to buy his pasta for $2.50 instead of $1.00 for the other (lesser) brands.
All 3 of these advisors look forward to experiencing Key Man with YOU in the Membership and Brotherhood Department at Key Man University!

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