Tuesday, May 27, 2014

I am Still Learning

Today's post comes from my ever increasing need to continue to learn and teach myself skills I didn't know previously. As "Dad" Tom Labagh has quoted Italian Artist, Michelangelo, in a few of his remarks, Ancora imparo.

"I am Still Learning."

It's pretty simple to tell what this means, and says a lot about one's character who emulates this ideal, but what it doesn't quite tell us is "how can we continue to learn?"

Recently, I've been getting involved in many online, educational forums and videos which allow me to learn about web design, calligraphy and even technology. After researching some places that could allow me to teach myself at my own pace, I've decided to compile a list of sites, for you to continue your education or enhance what you already know. 

A majority of the links below are free to access, those with a minimal fee is marked with a *.

www.openstudy.com - Online educational communities
www.wikihow.com - Step-by-step tutorials for many different projects
www.SkillShare.com - Video-based online courses*
www.Lynda.com - Video-based online courses*
www.ocw.mit.edu/courses/ - Online lectures from MIT
www.ted.com - Professional lectures and forums
www.howstuffworks.com - Self-explanatory and for the person who just wants to know more!
www.codecademy.com - Web design & coding tutorials
www.coursera.org - "World's best courses, online, for free"
www.khanacademy.org - "A world of skills to practice, with help along the way."

I've given you a list of links, so what, right? Obviously this hardly makes a dent in the amount of online, educational websites that are offered but this is where you and your interests come into play. Research free courses online about any subject and I'll guarantee you'll come out of those online-courses as a better, smarter person.

These sites can offer you loads of information, and even inspire you to pursue an educational avenue you didn't think you'd originally like.

Keep learning. Keep teaching. Keep Growing.

- "Dad" Matt 'Still Learning' Blaisdell

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