Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The 8th Precept - Manliness?

When I write these blog posts, I often try to not use the same source for material too often. However, once in a while I run across something of great value that forces me to be a little bit flexible with that. In many cases, that source is the Art of Manliness. The amount of material that is pertinent to our young men (and our adults) is really impressive and often times very apt.

Recently, they posted an article entitled "Essential Etiquette for Young Men." This is really a composite article - it have some fresh material, but it offers links to a vast amount of other articles they've posted on several related subjects. These include how to write an email effectively, how to make an apology,  effective listening, and even dating advice. These are all really great pieces.

But, I'm also a realist. I know many of you aren't going to take the time to read those articles. What I'd really like to see is a Chapter Advisor picking an article for every meeting (there are at least 6 months worth of articles available at that rate) and distill the ideas to present to the young men. Better yet - have a young man distill the ideas himself and give the presentation! Wouldn't it be great to have a "Manliness" expert in your Chapter? That would be a great mentoring opportunity for sure. It's just a thought...

On another Art of Manliness related note - if you're looking for a gift for that newly graduated / alumni member of your Chapter, check out the Art of Manliness Collection. Available on Amazon.com for less than $20, it includes two great books - The Art of Manliness and Manovationals. These two would provide great guidance for those about to set off for College or about to enter the real world.

Get out there and be manly!

Frat ~ "Dad" Seth Anthony

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  1. As Chapter Advisor I thank you for this link. We have a Chapter newsletter and I am always looking for good information to put into my section of the newsletter. I think I just found my filler! Thanks for these links!