Thursday, August 30, 2012

The FAQ's About DeMopoly

Today we have a special guest contributor! Brother Alex Rauschenberger, State Master Councilor, has taken the time to draft up a "Frequently Asked Questions" about his DeMopoly program. Check it out and get ready to DeMopolize your Chapter!

For those of you who have not heard yet, this year Pennsylvania DeMolay is DeMopolizing the world through a unique incentive theme known as DeMopoly!  As you may be able to tell from the spelling, this is based on the classic board game Monopoly, but with quite a few twists.  DeMopoly is specifically built for Pennsylvania DeMolay and the different activities that we have. It combines two different competitive incentives together.  The first offers individuals an opportunity to complete different personal goals to earn DeMopoly dollars - which can then be spent on prizes. The other is a Chapter competition, which utilizes the DeMopoly Board. Each space on the board is a different goal and the Chapter must complete those goals throughout the year in order to win prizes!  Now, like every good game, DeMopoly comes with a Rule Book to explain all of the different objectives. But, like almost every game out there, gray areas exist where the rules are not as clear as we would like.  So, let’s try to answer some of the more frequently asked questions!

What defines a Service Project?
A Service Project for DeMopoly is defined as a Chapter going to help a Masonic organization in an activity that will aid another party, such as bell ringing for the Salvation Army or at a fundraiser of some kind.  This question stems from the Masonic Unity Section of the DeMopoly Board and brings up several other interesting questions.

What defines “as a Chapter”?
Often on the DeMopoly Board, events are referred to “as a Chapter” to show the need for the entire Chapter to be involved in the event in some way.  For some of the Chapters in Pennsylvania that could be a little difficult because membership is not as strong as it once was.  When “as a Chapter” appears with a  space it is simply saying that the Chapter’s members must have all known about the event prior to the date and at least one member needed to come out to participate and support the event.

What can be called a “Masonic Event”?
This is a pretty simple one; a “Masonic Event” would just be an event that a Masonic Body is hosting/attending.  It applies to the game board when a DeMolay Chapter takes the steps to attend that function as well and aid the other Masonic Body in their goal.  

How do we define “Promotes DeMolay”?
“Promotes DeMolay" can be defined as anything a Chapter does that gets the name of DeMolay out there in the public’s eye.  This can be the Chapter participating in some kind of event that gives them recognition or something along those lines. 

What can be considered a “Public Official” and how do we “honor” them?
This is one of the times the actual rules can stray away from the book.  Ideally, this spot is meant to encourage a Chapter to take the steps to honor someone who has made a big difference in the community.  Usually, this would be someone like a State Representative or maybe the Mayor, but not always.  Honoring a Teacher or perhaps the Chief of Police in your town would also count towards this space.  The only requirement is that the person you are honoring as made a difference in your community for the better.  As for honoring them, you can do a variety of different things and the only limit to the ways you can honor someone is your own imagination!  Anything from a dinner in their honor to presenting them with a certificate detailing the reason you are honoring them is great!

Can we “kill two birds with one stone” by holding one event that counts for multiple spaces on the board?
The answer is, YES!  Each space on the DeMopoly board was put there as a generalized goal that each Chapter should strive to complete throughout the year. If the opportunity presents itself to have one event that completes two or more of these goals that is wonderful!  We strongly encourage the Chapters to do all that they can to earn each space on the board. This is just one easy way that Chapters can do that and it also goes to show for good planning.

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