Saturday, August 4, 2012

PA DeMolay Hits Flickr!

LogoKey Man Conference is less than 24 hours away from its launch! As I'm sitting in the staff meeting listening in on the expectations and duties for the next week, I can tell you now that the advisors are excited to see the leaders of DeMolay from all different areas (PA, NJ, IL, NY, MD, DC, AL, UT, Ontario and Alberta!) thrive and become leaders in their own eyes!

To keep our followers involved, I will be updating our Flickr account nightly with photos of the activities the members take part in. Check out our Flickr gallery at

Thousands will say that Key Man was an experience of a lifetime for them during the past 27 years, and if you ask any of our campers at the end of this week, I am sure they will tell you hundreds of great stories about their Key Man Experience. 

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