Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The New Hotness

Most members and friends of PA DeMolay are aware of the State Master Councilor's new incentive theme for this year - DeMopoly. Based around the timeless board game of Monopoly, this program aims to get members more involved with their Chapters and, in turn, the Chapters with the jurisdiction. The program ties very closely to the Outstanding Chapter Competition, dove-tailing with it nicely.

The flashiest piece of this program is the DeMopoly kit, which is going out to every Chapter in Pennsylvania. It contains everything needed to get involved. This includes a copy of the rules, a nice board to keep track of  accomplishments, some resources for the members, and of course a few surprises. The kits come in a great package, designed by "Dad" Matt Blaisdell. The boxes and materials look amazing - but therein lies the challenge.

It's a testament to Matt's work that the program is getting such traction outside of Pennsylvania. Today, I received an email (the third of its type) asking how a copy of DeMopoly can be purchased. Because of the design and attention to detail that the program has been given, many people think that PA DeMolay has developed a version of Monopoly with a DeMolay theme that can be played. This is not the case. You cannot play any games with the DeMopoly kit. We are not making any money off of this program (nor would we try to.) The theme is Monopoly, but the implementation really has more to do with the Outstanding Chapter Competition than the board game. Please know that we are very excited to see the world taking notice of our programs, but we cannot sell you a copy of DeMopoly (even if you wanted it as an incentive campaign and not a board game.)

If you'd like the full report of what DeMopoly is, check it out on the PA DeMolay website.

With that out of the way, you can expect more blog posts about the DeMopoly program. We'll be clarifying some questions as well as providing updates about who's in the lead with earning D$ and DeMopolies!

Frat! ~ "Dad" Seth Anthony

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