Friday, February 18, 2011

Trivia with Fezzy: Week 17

Each Friday I am posting a PA DeMolay Blog related trivia question. Each active DeMolay from Pennsylania (excluding Elected State Officers) who correctly posts their answer in the comments section of this blog will be placed in a drawing to receive 5 points for the Take Control! program and receive a special "Fezzy" gamer tag over on the points page! All you have to do is leave your answer in the comments section. On Monday morning I will randomly select one of the correct answers and award the person with the points. Answer every week and rack up some major points - it's that easy!

Remember, the answer to each question can be found right here on the PA DeMolay blog. So, on to the question of the week!

1. Among Hindus and Buddhists, what is the traditional rite of passage called?

Get answering!

Frat!-"Dad" Seth "Fezzy" Anthony


  1. First off, congrats to alex temple for being number 2 capped and Sankskar i believe is the answer to this weeks question

  2. The sacred thread ceremony, which is where a special cord is tied around the waist as an initiation into adulthood

  3. the Sanskar among Hindus and Buddhists

  4. Congrats to Tucker who has won this week! See you next week everyone!