Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Special Guest Post - Allentown Attends Patriots Class

That's right everyone - this week you get a special bonus post! Over the last couple of months I have been getting some fantastic articles from the members of Allentown Chapter relating to their activities and all the fun their Chapter is having. They really have embraced the idea of Take Control! - including doing their own newsletter and articles. I've been able to post most of them on the website, but the most recent one, an article on Patriots Class, was a bit similar to something I had already posted over at www.pademolay.org. However, I'm always in need of articles and I'd hate to discourage our members by not posting their hard work, so, I've decided to post this article by Bro. Evan Quinter, from Allentown Chapter, right here on the PA DeMolay Blog! Thanks for your hard work Evan! Keep it up!

On Saturday February 12, 2011, several Allentown Chapter members made an exciting trip to see and participate in a real DeMolay induction. On this certain Saturday 5 members, 1 prospect, and 3 advisors traveled to Reading to help out at Patriots Class. Patriots Class is a well known yearly event that was held in Reading, PA.

Allentown Chapter arrived early in the morning to practice the ritual and to rehearse our parts. Once we had finished this we relaxed with some square pizza and various types of sodas. Then, it was on to the real thing.

The participating DeMolays all did their parts successfully and performed awesome ritual. Then, we saw the DeMolay Degree, which was very entertaining. Finally we finished the ritual, ate some last minute snacks and went home after an exhausting day. In the end, it was a good day full of traditional learning experiences and very good pizza.

Editor's Note - The photo attached to this article is from the PA DeMolay coverage of the event. Leave it to a member of Allentown to be making funny faces behind the Deputy State Master Councilor's back. Nice work!   

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