Friday, January 8, 2010


PA DeMOLAY GREW BY 12...oops..make that 13 MEMBERS in 2009! (# amended 2/2/10)

I wasn't really worried about it... I knew you guys could do it... but when we lost our annual December class at the Patton Campus due to the Grand Lodge Quarterly Communication, I'll admit to a mild case of acid reflux...

Congratulations to every Chapter that initiated in 2009-- and especially to Susquehanna Chapter and Friendship-Bray Chapter-- both of which were on the ropes and almost ready to take a dive a year ago at this time. It takes some really dedicated advisors and members to make such an amazing turn-around as these two chapters... check out the Stats and see what they accomplished!

Finally, to the State Officers, and in particular to the Elected Officers, a pat on the back, 3 kudos, 2 attaboys, and an JAAAAAYYYYOOHH! to each of you for making the goal of showing growth before the end of the year. But your work isn't done. Our goal for 2010 is a minimum of 101 new members to continue the growth pattern, but realistically, it is 125 or more to make a serious impact on our membership roles.

Here is an intersting chart provided to me by Dad Nick Walker of DeMolay International, showing our initiate trend since 1996. I am not too unhappy with what we are seeing here, because it shows, if not much growth, at least some stability for the past decade. At least we have been consistent in the number of initiates, even while our number of Chapters and total membership reduced for many years. (CLICK IT TO MAKE IT LARGER.)

I've been talking numbers, but each one of those numbers is a living, breathing, growing DeMolay member who can benefit from all that our fraternity has to offer, and who could end up being your life-long best friend! When I talk numbers, it is a way of quantifying the incredible QUALITY experience that we offer to all who join our ranks! The very best thing you can offer to your friends is the chance to experience the same opportunities in DeMolay that you have shared, and the way of life that our DeMolay Obligations lead us toward.

In the simplest terms, NUMBERS = BROTHERS, and you can never have enough of them!

Sincerely and fraternally,

"Dad" Thomas R. Labagh

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