Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Centennial Memory #27: Westmoreland Chapter Ritual Proficient

To celebrate the DeMolay Centennial, PA DeMolay will be counting down 100 memories worth celebrating that took place within the DeMolay Chapters and Jurisdiction of Pennsylvania.

Ritual performance is an important part of what makes our organization unique, and something that the members take pride in. The members of Westmoreland Chapter have been known to excel in their ritual performance in recent years. Current members have taken on Installing parts and primarily serve as the cast during the annual Rose Croix Class. As you'll see in the article from the Fall 1987 Issue of the DeMolay Cordon provided below, not much has changed over time.

In 1987, members of Westmoreland Chapter traveled to the Great Lakes Ritual Tournament. They competed in multiple categories, but the impressive part is the competitions that they won. The Chapter brought home top prize for their Initiatory Degree, DeMolay Degree, and Chapter Proficiency teams.

Ritual is still important to the Chapter, as they are continuously represented at the Mid-Atlantic Tournament of Champions.

Until next time - "Dad" Joe Pullin

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