Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Meet the Candidates: Andrew Caroselli for State Scribe

Convention is not to far away, so lets get to know the rest of our candidates for Elected State Office. We have two candidates for the office of State Scribe. Our first is Bro. Andrew Caroselli of Friendship-Bray Chapter. 

Hello, my name is Andrew Caroselli and I am running for the Office of State Scribe. I joined Friendship-Bray Chapter over 3 years ago and after my first weekend at Patton Campus I fell in love with DeMolay. My experience with DeMolay has been amazing and joining this organization has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I still have a good amount of years left until I age out, and having already served as Master Councilor on the chapter level, I want to stay involved and serve on the state level. I want to help give to the members, what DeMolay has already given to me, and then some.

What is your greatest DeMolay experience or accomplishment?
I have had so many great experiences in DeMolay it is hard to count, but one of the best has to be KeyMan University. I have attended KeyMan three times and each one has been very rewarding. I learned how to raise awareness about DeMolay, plan successful events, be an effective leader and so much more. I also got the opportunity to make friends with people that live all over the country and Canada. In just one week, I made relationships that will last a lifetime.

Who are some of your DeMolay influences and how have they inspired you?
There have been many people that have helped me throughout my time in DeMolay, but one of the biggest has to be “Dad” Dennis Hunter. “Dad” Hunter was the Chapter Advisor when I first joined and he guided me through my first couple years in DeMolay and has always been there to help. He convinced me to stick with DeMolay when it wasn’t easy because I was busy with other things, and I'm glad that I did. He inspired me to run for the state line, and if it wasn’t for “Dad” Hunter I would not be where I am today.

What are your goals if elected to serve as a State Officer?
Aside from working with the State Master Councilor and other Elected State Officers which is a given, there are a few goals that I would like to accomplish if I am elected. The first is that I would like to talk to the new members as much as possible and make them feel welcome. To a new guy, simply sitting with them at lunch can go a long way. After I first joined, when I still didn’t really know anybody, I was at my first KeyMan and one of the State Officers at the time sort of took me under his wing. This made me feel welcome and comfortable so that I could meet even more people. On top of this I would like to make sure that DeMolay continues to be a fun organization where everyone can be involved whether you like to play sports or video games. Lastly I would like to visit all the chapters and help in any way that I can. Whether it be by giving ideas on how to improve membership or helping out at an installation. I want to be there to support them.

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