Thursday, March 17, 2016

Letter in DeMolay!

In 2014, DeMolay International designed a program called the DeMolay Varsity Club. This program allows members, advisors and sweethearts the opportunity to fill out an application so they can "Letter in DeMolay," similar to how an athlete can letter on the High School Varsity level. This achievement relies on a few key elements; leadership, involvement, knowledge and planning.
A member or sweetheart can earn a "letter" by doing all of the following:
  • Mentor a new member
  • Teach chapter members a new skill
  • Serve in a leadership position
  • Attend 6 Chapter Meetings and 2 other chapter events
  • Plan a new event
  • Bring in 1 new member or advisor
  • Complete and earn the Representative DeMolay Award
  • Complete and pass 1 Leadership Correspondence Course
  • A member also must learn 1 new ritual part to perform at a meeting or public event
An advisor can also earn a "letter" by doing the following:
  • Recruit a brand new advisor to the advisory council
  • Lead and work with chapter members to create and execute a brand new event
A total of 8 people have earned the "letter" in Pennsylvania. Here are the people that have earned it so far:
  • Alicia Daniels (Reading Chapter)
  • Tyler Moyer (Pilgrim Chapter)
  • Eric Dye (Allentown Chapter)
  • Andrew Santilli (Chester Pike Chapter)
  • Brian Martin (Carlisle Chapter)
  • "Dad" Brett Otto (Carlisle Chapter) 
  • "Mom" Kelly Otto (Carlisle Chapter)
  • Adam Neubauer (Westmoreland Chapter)
The program concludes June 30th, so there is still time to earn yourself a "Letter in DeMolay." Fill out the application and earn yours today! 

Until next time - "Dad" Joe Pullin 


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