Friday, March 4, 2016

Honor Roll Challenge in Philadelphia

Are you a member of DeMolay that gets honor roll on their report cards? If so, then your chapter or region may want to consider this idea. Several years ago, the Philadelphia region put together an Honor Roll Challenge for all of the members from Friendship-Bray, Northeast and Chester Pike Chapters who receive A's and B's on their final report cards. A copy of the report card is sent to Deputy Executive Officer Rick Freedman before a specific deadline. The program is back by popular demand, with the challenge being held on August 20, 2016. This year's deadline for report cards is July 8th, 2016.

You're probably wondering what happens at this Honor Roll Challenge that makes it so special. The members are taken to an awesome restaurant, as well as a fun activity afterward such as Dave and Busters, bowling or laser tag. Although I never personally had a chance to attend, several members of my chapter expressed excitement about the great time they had. This also motivated to continue working hard so they could attend the following year. The whole concept of the Honor Roll Challenge is to prove to the young men that hard work really does pay off. This program gives a great incentive to the members of DeMolay, pushing them to work hard for good grades.

One of the main teachings that makes DeMolay great is the appreciation for our educational system. This is a perfect opportunity to show that we value the future of our members. Take some time to appreciate the knowledge of the members in your chapter or region.

Until next time - "Dad" Joe Pullin  

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