Monday, January 5, 2015

Tips for Members & Advisors: Make Time for Family

Today's post comes from "Dad" Bill Sardone, Executive Officer of New York and Grand Junior Councilor of DeMolay International. This piece was originally published in NY DeMolay's Newsletter, "The Bridge." Thanks to "Dad" Sardone for letting us share it with you!

This time of year, members, Sweethearts, and Advisors alike take time to spend with their families. No matter which holiday you celebrate, the end of the year always seems to draw families together. During the rest of the year, sometimes we can neglect time spent with family, especially when we are so involved in things like work, extra-curriculars, and even DeMolay.

As we become more involved in the Masonic organizations, and especially as we rise through the ranks to take on Region and State offices, time spent relaxing with family can seem like a pipe dream. It's important to make family time a priority, even when you're busy with your Masonic Family.  Here are a few things some families have tried:
  • Make Family a Priority. We discussed this in a previous ESD edition, but it bears repeating. One thing DeMolay teaches us is the importance of family. Family should always come first. If you have a family obligation the same day as a DeMolay event, spend time with your family. Your Brothers will understand.
  • Include Your Family in DeMolay Activities: Invite your family members along to help share in something you are passionate about. Whether it be a fundraiser, a prospect event, or a state event like the Strike It Up State Bowling Event, extend an invitation to your family and show them what you've been up to.
  •  Family Time is Family Time. If DeMolay tends to be the topic of conversation in your house more than anything else, pick a time where your family focuses on other things. Some families use meal times to discuss interests outside of DeMolay. You can get back to discussing details for your Installation later.
  •  Do Things That Interest Your Family. If your family members aren't as active in DeMolay as you are, that's perfectly fine. But if they take the time to come out to your meetings and fundraisers, be sure to take time out to attend events and activities that they are interested in as well.
  •  Never Forget Your Real Family. While DeMolay gives us more "Brothers" and "Dads" and "Moms" than we know what to do with, don't forget your real brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers. You can have a large Masonic Family, just don't forget those who have been there for you before you were initiated.
Remember it's always "God Bless the Mother, God Bless the Father," before "God Bless the purposes of DeMolay." Make room for both families in your life and remember to thank all those who support you, no matter which they are from.

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