Friday, January 9, 2015

Thank you, "Dad" Seth Anthony!

Even though "Dad" Seth Anthony will no longer be working at the PA Masonic Youth Foundation office and handling all of our public communications, he certainly isn't going far from DeMolay.  He will continue as our Convention Director, and will engage in other activities as his time permits.

I am excited to see how "Dad" Anthony can create a positive internet presence for the Masonic Villages and the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania. If he attacks that problem with the creativity and genius he brought to the PMYF over the past 6 years, they are going to be very pleased with his work!

"Dad" Anthony is just one more outstanding success story who grew his leadership and public speaking skills through his time as an
Active DeMolay, and then immediately began to give back to the fraternity as an adult leader.  While we will miss him around the PMYF office, we'll be seeing a lot of him at local fraternal events.

Thanks for 6 great years, Seth, and congratulations on the new position!  I think I can speak for ALL of Pennsylvania DeMolay when I say, "We wish you success in everything you do!"

"Dad" Thomas R. Labagh
Executive Officer

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