Thursday, December 25, 2014

Happy Holidays!

On behalf of all of us at PA DeMolay, happy holidays to you and yours!

No, for a little holiday humor, dedicated to our Executive Officer:

Twas the night before Christmas,
and all across Patton,
the world was soft and quiet,
and the snow lay thin and flattened.

Out from his house,
he came without sound,
walking his friends,
two large English Sheep-hounds.

A long walk they took,
angling round the bend,
his cold was finally leaving,
he felt on the mend.

He picked up the post,
then trod up the drive,
Brody and Dudley pulled,
causing him to nose-dive.

Back to the house he went,
limping as he goes,
muttering under his breath,
his limbs feeling froze.

He opened the screen,
dropping off his dogs,
then over to his office,
through the cold he did slog.

He unlocked the door,
and settled into his chair,
with black and white movies,
his only company right there.

On Freedman, on Ullom,
on Gottschall, on Knapp,
quickly typing away,
 his keyboard click-clacked.

A message from Williamson,
popped onto the screen.
"What does he need now?"
he busted out with a scream.

"It's Christmas eve,
Doesn't Sam know?
I'm not responding tonight.
I'll blame the snow."

Over emails he poured,
responding with quips,
but there was only one problem,
on this blog post he did not click.

So, surprise "Dad" Labagh,
this poem is for you,
it's a good thing I'm gone for the week,
as you'll have some time to stew.

Frat! ~ "Dad" Seth Anthony


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