Monday, December 22, 2014

Celebrating DeMolay Art

A long running joke here at the PA DeMolay office is the use of the word "art." When "Dad" Matt Blaisdell and I would work together on a project, we'd often have several failed versions or ideas that were totally off the wall. In order to feel like these scraps were useful, "Dad" Blaisdell would refer to them as "art."

Blank sheet of paper tacked to the wall? "Art." Stamping his arm with an address stamper. "Art." Pile of crumpled up designs - why, "That's art of course!"

While we may not be top tier artists (alright, Matt is, but I'm certainly not) there are DeMolays all over the world doing really creative things to bring awareness to our fraternity. I checked out some pieces on artist sites and pulled the ten most interesting items I found. They come from a wide variety of styles and ideas, showing just how creative our DeMolays are. Enjoy!

Frat ~ "Dad" Seth Anthony

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  1. So, is it just me or does the DeMolay on the Jo-De-Ra artwork look like Harry Potter sans glasses ??? Messy black hair and green eyes??? Do we call him Brother Harry now???