Monday, October 20, 2014

Remembering "Dad" Garfield Beynon

Over this past weekend, PA DeMolay played host to its annual Flag Football Tournament at Patton Campus. As usual, the event was well attended and filled with good, quality, sportsman-like competition. Yet, even as the young men played hard on the field, they took a moment to remember someone who could not be with them.

"Dad" Garfield Beynon, who was an Advisor for Crusade Chapter in Scranton, PA, died in a tragic automobile accident last December on his way home from PA DeMolay's annual Grand Master's Class. "Dad" Beynon was a fixture of not only Crusade Chapter, but also PA DeMolay. To honor his memory, Crusade Chapter talked with the PMYF office about dedicating a tree in honor of "Dad" Beynon on Patton Campus, in Elizabethtown, where he spent many a weekend over the last 30+ years.

On Saturday, October 18, 2014, members and friends of PA DeMolay and Crusade Chapter gathered around a new tree, to honor the memory of "Dad" Beynon. The Master Councilor, the Junior Councilor (who is also "Dad" Beynon's grandson), and the Chapter Advisor of Crusade Chapter all spoke about the impact he had before placing the first shovel of dirt around the base of the tree, which will stand as a fitting reminder of the impact this man had on all who came in contact with him.

Thank you to everyone who helped remember "Dad" Beynon - we know his tree will grow strong and loom large, just like his work with the young men.

Frat! ~ "Dad" Seth Anthony 

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