Thursday, October 9, 2014

A Throwback Thursday Post

Generally, I'm not big on the "Throwback Thursday" type of postings. But, in anticipation of an upcoming move, I stumbled across a cache of old DeMolay pictures I had tossed into a box in my basement. I gathered them and realized there were some real gems in there, so I just had to share some with you today. I've tried to keep the pictures to ones where you'd recognize someone other than myself.

But, first, for those that might be curious, here is my term plan as Master Councilor of my Chapter, Erie, in 2002. Notice, it was written on a Word Processor (a fancy typewriter) as I didn't have a reliable printer at home at the time.

That was a busy six months, for sure, as I was a Freshman in college to boot! Now, on with the photos!
From the first CLUE event at Patton campus. From Left to Right you see "Dad" Chris Fry - then Deputy State Master Councilor, now Chairman of Elizabethtown Chapter; T. David Slugocki, then State Junior Councilor; "Dad" Steve Prazenica, then State Senior Councilor, now a Past State Master Councilor; "Dad" Brent Richards portraying the Butler; "Dad" Jim Ray portraying Mr. Green; "Mom" Yolanda Weider portraying Mrs. White ("Mom" Weider has since passed away.)' "Mom" Donna Brown portraying Mrs. Peacock.

To prove things never change, this is Bro. Steve Prazenica preparing for his election speech at Convention 2002 in Reading, PA.

"Dad" Justin Killian, PSMC, at DI Sessions in Denver, CO, circa 2004..

"Dad" Dave Berry, Executive Secretary, at DeMolay International Sessions in 2004.

Myself and "Dad" Richard Fitzsimmons, PDDGM, at DeMolay International Sessions in 2004.

"Dad" Dave Berry at the 2004 DeMolay International Session banquet in Denver, CO.

Another 2004 DI Banquet Photo. From left to right "Dad" Chris "Tex" Tecklenburg, Secretary of the Valley of Reading, AASR; "Dad" Ray Gottschall, Chairman of Reading Chapter; "Dad" Jim Ray, Deputy Executive Officer.

Another 2004 DI Banquet Photo. From left to right "Dad" Randy Knapp, Deputy Executive Officer; "Dad" Rick Freedman, Deputy Executive Officer (with mustache!)

My corps of officers when I was Master Councilor. Familiar faces would include "Dad" Zack Panitzke, Director of the Key Man Conference and my first line signer, on the top right hand side in the back; and "Dad" Jake Palo directly in front of and below him.

Justin Killian, John Wendell Haney (then International Congress Secretary) and myself at the DeMolay International Banquet in 2004 in Denver, CO.

Convention 2004 Installation. From left to right, Justin Killian, myself, Justin Dunmire, David Labagh

Another photo to prove things don't change - Grand Lodge Banquet in 2004 in Pittsburgh, PA, handing out lapel pins!

This was taken at Family First Sports Complex in Erie when Elizabethtown Chapter came for a visit circa 2004. From left to right we find Nick Chaudoin (Elizabethtown); myself; Shawn Vulatic of Elizabethtown; and in front is TJ Barton of Erie.

The next two are priceless! "Dad" Peter Brusoe, then International Master Councilor, presenting me with my patent as an Honorary Past International Master Councilor at DI Sessions in Denver, CO, in 2004.

"Dad" Brusoe and I at the banquet at the same session.

This photo shows "Dad" Zack Panitzke (in the blue shirt) at Patton Campus playing Risk with his father (in the yellow shirt), and Ben Babb (black shirt on the left) and Jordan Heynoski (grey shirt.) This is circa 2002.

I'm taking a bit of personal editorial license here. This is me with my grandmothers the day I was installed as Master Councilor. Both drove over an hour and a half to attend my installation and it was the only time they ever saw me do anything in DeMolay. They have both since passed away.

This is one sleepy "Dad" Panitzke in the van on the way home from CLUE in Elizabethtown.

... and one more of a young "Dad" Pantizke and Justin Killian in 2002 at Convention in Reading.
So, there you have it. I hope you enjoyed!
Frat! ~ "Dad" Seth Anthony

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