Thursday, July 24, 2014

Prepare for the Department Crown

Whose department will be crowned?

This year, at the newly revamped Key Man University, your Department has an opportunity to be the crowning Department above all others. It truly is as simple as finishing your LCC’s, RD, or even showing good sportsmanship. But please, make sure you are on your best behavior because points can be taken away and you do not want to be the reason for your department not winning.

During the week we will be having interesting competitions to see who can gain the most points. Competition can range from a multitude of different activities; from having the most attendance at Jacques’ Heroes, to the Department who take the funniest picture, and much more! The point is to have fun and learn while you do!

Each night, at dinner, we will have the unveiling of which Department gained points. Imagine, being in the Grand Dining Hall of Hogwarts. 10 points to Gryffindor! Except, it is more like, 10 points to Ritual! But, please remember, don't be Slytherin, be the best Brothers you can be.

I promise, points will be giving out for outstanding brotherhood throughout the week!

Bro. Nicholas Capes
Key Man University Youth Director

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