Thursday, July 10, 2014

Meet the KMU Staff: The Education and Personal Development Department

Who are DeMolay? Young men striving to be a better son and leader today and a better father and citizen tomorrow. The DeMolay Leader’s Resource Guide states that DeMolay are young men who:

● See themselves honestly.
● See what they want in life and set goals.
● Are strong enough to follow through on a plan.
● Express themselves sincerely.
● Plan ahead for their activities.

The Education and Personal Development track at Key Man University is designed to give you the tools needed to be an effective model of a DeMolay. You will understand the importance of goal setting, communication skills, healthy living, values, professional and financial planning and how to use this skills in your daily live to control your own destiny.

So, who is going to teach you all of these important skills?

“Dad” Pat Storrs is the Charter Chapter Advisor of Wisconsin’s West Bend Chapter where he is currently Advisory Council Chairman.  He is one of those old guys that holds a “Past Whatever” certificate from nearly every Masonic body that exists.  He is a practicing architect by profession and is currently serving Wisconsin DeMolay as its Executive Officer.

"Dad" Jack Salter is an Advisor for Erie Chapter in Erie, PA. He is a member or Tyrian Commonwealth Lodge No. 362  as well as a member of Zem Zem Shriners. He is currently seeking employment as a music educator and has experience in substitute teaching and leading his church bell choir. "Dad" Salter has achieved many awards and scholarships through the Order of DeMolay and still continues to help out his Chapter with ritual rehearsals and acts as the Awards Advisor.

Chairing the Department is "Dad" Dan Kane is also an Advisor for Erie Chapter in Erie PA, He is currently preparing to become the Worshipful Master of Perry - Keystone Lodge No. 392. His professional career has been solely in area of Education. He is a full time teacher at General McLane High School in Edinboro, PA, and serves as an adjunct lecturer at both Gannon University and Edinboro University. "Dad" Kane has always had a passion for student leadership, having served as Director of Youth Ministries and Student Council Advisor for over 15 years.

This wraps up the overview of all of the tracks at KMU. Next week, we'll talk about the Adjunct Faculty. See you next Thursday!

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