Thursday, July 17, 2014

Meet the KMU Staff: Adjunct Faculty

When you look at the list of Departments for KMU 2014, you'll see at the bottom of the list the "Adjunct Faculty." These faculty members bring specific knowledge to the program in more specialized subjects. They will provide detailed information on topics that aren't able to form a major of their own.

"Dad" Ernie Loiselle is the Executive Officer of Ontario DeMolay. A long time supporter of the Key Man program, he has participated in more than a dozen Key Man Conferences. His knowledge of DeMolay in Canada is a welcome addition to the program, as it brings a more worldly view of the DeMolay program. The courses taught by "Dad" Loiselle will be of an individual nature, tailored to the needs of the DeMolays assigned to him. He will also assist the Departments as requested, helping Key Men reach their full potential.

"Dad" Brent Richards, a Past State Master Councilor of Pennsylvania DeMolay, is a veteran Advisor and current Assistant Director of the State Officer Program in Pennsylvania. He is also a staff member of the PA Masonic Youth Foundation's annual Life Skills Conference, that teaches the importance of respect, relationships, and responsibility. "Dad" Richards works as a Counselor at the State Correctional Institution at Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, so you can be sure he has lots of of "Life Lessons" to impart! The Life Skills courses will concentrate on putting abstract information into practice. What does it mean to respect somebody? Why is personal responsibility so important? Through hands on experiential teaching and workshops, "Dad" Richards will explore these concepts, demonstrating their value in our everyday interactions.

"Dad" Seth Anthony is a lover of all things historic and fraternal. He is a Deputy Member of DeMolay International and a Past Master Councilor of Erie Chapter. He is currently the Director of Convention for PA DeMolay and has been involved with the organization for more than a decade. An involved Freemason, he brings a wealth of knowledge about DeMolay, Freemasonry, and Fraternalism to the conference. "Dad" Anthony is also an avid board and card game player. He works part for a game company and loves to inject his workshops with games to enhance learning.  The courses he plans to teach will give members a historic overview of the DeMolay program and how its ties to Freemasonry continue to influence the organization today. Related topics will include understanding Freemasonry, what it means to be involved in the fraternity, and how the lessons of the past can be applied to the present, to make a better future for DeMolay. He will also offer a high energy course on games and learning, where participants will take an active role and have some fun playing games!

Each attendee at Key Man will have the opportunity to take classes present by the Adjunct Faculty, so figure out what you'd like to learn more about!

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