Thursday, June 26, 2014

Meet the KMU Staff: The Sweetheart Department

KeyMan University is looking to once again be full of fun, friends, food… and females! That’s right, after a successful first year as participants at KeyMan, the Sweethearts are coming back. This time the ladies are majoring in their own track, designed specifically to hit the key points important to a Sweetheart. Such courses and skills include:

• Basics of a Sweetheart
• DeMolay for Dummies
• Put the “Fun” in Fundraising
• Public Speaking
• Dressing for Success

These are just a few of the skills that the Sweethearts and others choosing to take courses will learn, all of which are designed to help sweethearts aid their chapters and get a little bit of extra DeMolay knowledge! The three dedicated staff working with this major have experience working with DeMolay and other youth organizations, and are eager to extend their knowledge to help the Sweethearts of PA and other jurisdictions work more efficiently and smoothly with their chapters.

Let’s take a moment to meet the Sweetheart Staff!

“Mom” Angela Lennox is a past Chapter Sweetheart of both New Castle Builders Chapter and Erie Chapter. Although fairly new to the Executive Officer staff, “Mom” Lennox helped pioneer the first Sweetheart track during KeyMan 2013, where Sweethearts from across the state came together and learned about the state charity, their roles as sweethearts, and got crash courses in all things DeMolay. In addition to her role as Assistant Sweetheart Director, “Mom” Lennox is a majority member of Pennsylvania Rainbow where she currently serves as a member of the Jr. Grand Executive Committee. Professionally, “Mom” Lennox has found her passion working with children with behavioral disorders as a Therapeutic Staff Support. “Mom” Lennox is excited to once again work with the Sweethearts of PA DeMolay this year at KMU!

“Mom” Jennifer Kopp is a Past Chapter Sweetheart of Hershey chapter in Hershey, PA and a Past State Sweetheart of PA DeMolay 2000-2001. “Mom” Kopp serves on the Pennsylvania DeMolay Executive Officers staff as Director of the State Sweetheart Program where she was tasked with developing the first Sweetheart program for KeyMan in 2013 and provides support to the presiding State Sweetheart.  When not involved with DeMolay “Mom” Kopp works for Dickinson College in Carlisle as a business analyst in the Enterprise Systems department.

“Mom” Linda Pullin has been a DeMolay advisor for the past ten years. In that time she has served as an advisor for several committees including being the sweetheart advisor for the past 7 years. She has earned her Cross of Honor. She has learned so much through DeMolay and does everything she can to help teach others. She is a former rainbow girl, being in Rainbow for 6 years and an advisor for Rainbow for 4 years. Linda has worked for the School District of Philadelphia as a Supportive Service Assistant (SSA) in special education classes for 5 years and in kindergarten classes for 8 years. All of her life she has given time to help others learn new things. She is a strong believer in the sweetheart program and is willing to do whatever it takes to keep the sweetheart program strong. She loves working with the youth and finds it rewarding to see young people grow and succeed in life.

What fun would DeMolay be without that extra smile provided by the Sweethearts? We welcome the Sweethearts from across the state and other jurisdictions to come and learn about what is needed to keep the program afloat, as well as get to know the members of PA DeMolay!

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